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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Treasury Tuesday

WOW! Is it really November ALREADY!?? 
Totally CRAZY!

I love this time of year so much though..Well you know I love Fall but as soon as the Winter nights draw in I just think it feels magical..

And I'm always excited about Bonfire night!

The sounds..The smells.. It brings back so many childhood memories!

When I was a little girl, Mum was at home with my little baby brother.
Dad took me to a firework display.. About 15 mins later we walked back in through the door.
Mum asked if it had been cancelled.. Dad said NO.. Greatest display EVER!
A match had got in and the whole lot had gone up in one go!

WOAH!!! Freaky huh!? 

I also remember standing on the beach watching the fireworks go off near the pier with my Grandpa!
Haha he ALWAYS went OOH as they went up and AAH as they came down.. 
So sweet! I always think it as I watch them!

It's a fun tradition I hope to always share with my Noah!
And as for the snacks.. There's nothing like standing wrapped up warm 
wearing mittens eating a candy apple!

SO with all this in mind.. 
Here's this weeks treasury

Well here it is.. My favourite time of year!
The clocks have gone back and its dark early..
I love the feel..The atmosphere..
So.. Wrap up warm.. Hold hands.. Watch the fireworks..
Have a sweet treat 
And wallow in nostalgia!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks treasury guys!
If you want to see it up close and maybe check out some of the yummy goodies
just click here

Have a lovely firework night and stay safe!!

1 comment:

drrao96 said...

i have never even SEEN an apple like that!