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Monday, 3 October 2011

The week in review

Wowzers!!! What a productive week!!!! I got LOADS done... Made new stuff..Caught up with orders.. Started the new art of silliness class.. hung out with my furry friends..and celebrated AUTUMN and my fave month starting! Hmm...Well you wouldn't believe it WAS Autumn because on the 1st I was sitting on the beach! FUN FUN FUN!!

Well at the beginning of the week I got to work on those competition puffs..

THEN.... I was thinking about the change in seasons... I love Fall... And one of the BIG symbols of the season for me are conkers... I collected them with my Dad when I was little..We would wander to the park and fill our pockets with them.

My bench Monday photo was inspired by this..

Little Charlie was slightly worried that the new guy in town was looking for a fight! Haha...

And then I decided to make some CONKER PUFFS....

I gave the first 5 away as prizes for blog readers who comment on my posts! BUT if you would like one of your own I have listed them in my Etsy shop here! OR I am giving one FREE with every 2 puffs from my shop... Just head over here...I have lots of Halloween goodies over there...

Including ZOMBIE PUFF!

WOW! It really must be almost Halloween.. Because there was a spooky mist across my garden.. And as it cleared I I spotted some little coloured tufts.. They must have blown in from somewhere magical because they certainly brightened the place up..

On a closer look I noticed that this little green puff was in fact A HALLOWEEN ZOMBIE PUFF!!

Eeeek.... He was waving his little crazy arms at me.. I would have run away..But he's only 30 cm round so it would have looked a little embarrassing!

THEN......The moment I have been waiting for..... The art of silliness started AGAIN!!!! WOOP! Regular readers and friends will KNOW how much I adore Carla Sonheim's Silly class.. I was jumping for joy when I got the practice sheet...

READY!!?? Hell YEAH!!

So..Here are my first few sheets and extra credit doodling..

WOW!!! What an AWESOME first week! I am so excited.. I have already had so many ideas and new plans for creations... I am going to make some of my one line hamsters into plush! SO keep a look out!

Well apart from all that doodling and crafting fun..There was a little kitty cuddling going on...

Meet my furry friends... Dollie..Alice..Wilbur and Wellie.. Haha they each have such different personalities..Silly fur balls!

On Saturday... October arrived... My favourite month.. Cold... snuggly... leaves falling... mittens in the woods..

Erm.. NO!! We went to the beach!! It was the hottest day of the year...CRAZY!!

Sunday was a relaxing day.. Time for drawing doodles for friends..

Well that's about it...Except I know what you're ALL waiting for...

SO...Here she is with her motivational poster..

Man I LOVE that little ginger girl!!

I hope you all had a great week.. Anything exciting to report? And what are you looking forward to in the coming week?

Me? I'm looking forward to making up my last few Halloween puff designs.. And the next few silliness sheets!

Whatever you're up to make sure there's some FUN throw in ok??


drrao96 said...

ethel should meet my gerbil onyx! they could be friends!

squeeze said...

What you wish is what you get: Hi! :-) I've just started getting familiar with your site and I'm absolutely charmed! :-) There's so much to explore...! And your little Ethel... No words! :-D I'm so glad you came to my life :-)