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Monday, 24 October 2011

The week in review

WOOP!! This week I could actually hit the road... I got my new bike!! From my awesome family..It's an early Christmas present to help me get about! His name is Rapid Ralph! It was an amazing week full of beautiful sunrises..cycle rides..lunch with my boys..yummy breakfasts..doodling..Ethel got mail.. and chilling with my other fluffy fur babies! Happy new week guys.. Lets hope it's just as magical! ♥

Monday I got my NEW BIKE!!!!! Oh my goodness!
You have NO idea how excited I was..

But this will give you an idea

Haha I did this doodle as a thank you to my family for treating me to my Christmas present early!
It makes such a difference having Rapid Ralph in my life..
I can get everywhere much quicker which means I can be WAY MORE productive!
Being a Mum and having a lunchtime job as well as working on my creative job from home is very limiting.. 
Sometimes I amaze myself what I manage to fit in!

But you know what? You only get out what you put in!

Oooh, look! I also got awesome mail from my super sweet friend Heidi from LittleNore .
Her stuff is SO CUTE!

Check this out..

Eeeeeek!! Don't tell Noah but Claude the french ghost is one of his secret Halloween presents..
As for Isabelle! She's ALL MINE!!!!

But we weren't the only ones to get some cute goodies.. 
LOOK! Ethel got her FIRST fan mail!

Thanks so much Heidi... She was OVER THE RAINBOW!!

Hmm..What else happened this week?

I went on an early morning cycle to the wish tree.. Look how beautiful a morning it was..

In fact there have been lots of beautiful mornings..

I LOVE Autumn sunrises..The sky just looks so pretty!

I had a fun Saturday over at Mum and Dad's 
Hanging out with Noah in the garden I grew up in...

Being silly and taking pictures of Mum's flowers!

And wearing my new favourite dress..

Noah went to the football with his Grandad and I hung out with Mum..Drinking tea,
gossiping and eating cake..

Muffins..On my favourite plate from my childhood!

Well then on Sunday Noah had a party to go to so Jacob and I hung out.
The arcades..THEN NANDOS...

Haha I LOVE the 2p push machines.. Reminds me of when I was a little girl!


With 2 of my favourite guys in the world!!

Afterwards it was home to cuddle up in the warm with my furry friends...
Say hello to Wilbur and Dollie!

My funny friends!

Oh and also it was the last few days of The art of silliness..


Remember it's NEVER goodbye... Just until we meet again!

And lastly I found this quote and thought it really summed up my funny little life as an artist

It's not just a job or a money making scheme for me.. It's an extension and expression of my personality.
 That's why I love to share my positivity and funny little life with you!

Well it's how I like to live anyway!
And I hope I make you smile!

Happy new week guys.. Thanks for popping by!
What was your week like? And what are you looking forward to?