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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The week in review

What a wonderful magical week... Full of dandelion wishes..My ETHELVERSARY..A day with Dad..A trip to the allotment..Breakfast with my Jacob..Cycling like a loon..Arty fun with Noah..Sticker mail..A day with my family by the water..Guerilla fun and the wishing tree!! 

First Monday was my Ethelversary.... One whole year ago I picked out this little girl..
It's like this.. I saw her in the pet shop...The chubbiest ginger ball of fluff I'd ever seen! 
"I've got my eye on a little fat ginger hamster I said"
And I took her home on the bus. 
We love each other..She's a star!
I spoil her..She makes my heart fill up a little every day so we're quits!
She's awesome..My tiny sidekick!

We had an awesome day... Party games.. Cake.. I LOVE my little girl!

I also went up to Dad's allotment..
I love it there.. And he works so hard keeping two of them in top condition..

It's so peaceful.. You just get away from it all..

And I always come home with my dinner!!

Thanks Dad!

Well what else happened...
Ooh yes.. I had breakfast with my Jacob..

I'm always doodling on McDonalds cups..
The lady watches me now and smiles.. She asked to clear our tray. I hope it made her smile!

I rode my trusty rusty old bike.. Haha it's NOT easy! As you can see..

BUT... GOOD NEWS.. I'm getting a new bike as an early Christmas present!
I am SO excited!!

Ooh another thing I was excited about this week was cute sticker mail from Heidi at Little Nore


AND...Even Noah got his own sticker!!
YAY! He was super happy!

And SILLY! Haha lots of silliness this week with the end of the art of silliness looming..
Here are the weeks pages..

I had a few custom doodle orders this week too

Custom doodles are available from my Etsy shop
Here are the prices... Single person doodles.. £10

Couple doodles.. £15 (including pets)

Family groups.. £20

Family groups + pets... £25

Any doodle with backdrop doodle (rainbows..mountains etc) £25
So.. If you'd like a custom doodle of you..your family or a friend please email me at
I love custom doodle requests

On Saturday though after all my hard work I went for a walk with Mum and Dad whilst Noah scooted on ahead. It was a dark moody skies day but still beautiful..

Also this week.. My new dress vintage dress arrived..

And inspired my self portrait Thursday..

In fact the whole week felt like a dandelion wishes week..

I LOVE dandelions..
And I LOVE making wishes..

So.. While we're on the subject of wishes...
we headed over to the wish tree on Sunday

Armed with new wish tags and some knitted rainbow tags..

Here you have the new snuggled up tree.. Aww look it's keeping warm for the winter!
It suits the rainbow look huh??

I even tagged the bench that Noah and I hang out on!

You can never have too many rainbows after all!

To join in the wish tree fun Just join the facebook group

I add wishes every Sunday!
You can even leave them here on this post!

Noah made his wish.. That he could make everyone happy!

Cute huh? I love that boy!

Okay well that was my week... What did YOU get up to?
What are you looking forward to this week?

Whatever you do..Have fun and remember..

Love and rainbows..Kitty 


the fashion turd said...

i think your blog is remind me of a young version of myself, always making, drawing and doing! keep it have talent x x

Kittypinkstars said...

WOAH!!!! Your blog is AWESOME!! Haha What a compliment...Except I'm not that young..Not too far off 40 at 37! Haha *high fives though and BIG THANKS!!!

B............... said...

Fairy wishes are the best and homegrown dinner is another best, I love it when my Man brings home the veggies!

Love and ((hugs))
B xxx

Bex said...

Hi Kitty,

I've not dropped by to make a comment for a while, but I've been reading all your posts.

I just love how you grab life, shake it about and find joy in everything. You always make me smile.


drrao96 said...

noah is soo cute!