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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The week in review

WOO!!! I just LOVE to draw! So this week was amazing because I had loads of drawing to do!! Plus..Fun with Ethel..Beautiful sunrises AND a 20 year overdue bike ride!! WOW! I loved EVERY minute of it!! Happy new week guys!!

Well my weeks always start on a high because Monday is my day off from my playground job.. A day when I can create at my own pace.. No need to rush.. So my bench Monday this week reflected this feeling.. We always spend too much time rushing from one thing to another! Remember sometimes to slow down and live!

This week was ALL ABOUT DOODLING!!!!

This week my Noah was off on Monday too.. So it was the perfect opportunity to doodle.. Noah LOVES to doodle..He wants to be a comic book illustrator when he grows up!

So while he scribbled away.. I did my art of silliness sheet

Oooh I AM LOVING these one line hamsters!! Hahaha!

Then I did a special Birthday doodle for my lovely friend Ellen....

So much fun to draw because she is so cute and makes the most AMAZING things here... Melon1 I have 2 of her sleepy clouds on my pink sofa here!!

Oh yes...My vintage dress arrived!

Been too busy to model it yet ... BUT..I adore it...Really loving changing my style! Out with the old... Well.. In with the old because I am dressing in granny chic and LOVING IT!!!!!

Also.. I'm loving the new hammer horror.. WAKE WOOD! In fact I loved it so much I watched it twice this week.. Haha I LOVE creating whilst drinking tea and watching a good horror movie!

Well.... This week was mainly full of doodling..

Custom orders..

I have made custom order slots in my etsy shop ..So if you would like your own custom doodle Kittypinkstars style please head on over or email me at

When I haven't been working I've been doing more art of silliness sheets.. Here are the next few..

And then on Sunday...Well I went for a bike ride.. Nothing unusual!? Haha apart from the fact I hadn't been on a bike for 20 YEARS!!

I jumped on my trusty rusty granny bike.. Hercules and LOVED every minute of it.. I'm gonna start cycling a lot more to save time and money!

Not only was the ride itself awesome but I used my bike as inspiration for a silliness extra sheet..

Finding monsters... I found plenty on my bicycle..

Being SILLY!!! There's nothing like it!

Oh and not forgetting.....

Hahahahahaha...... My favourite little balloon....

What did you get up to last week? What are you looking forward to?

Anyway..I thoroughly recommend doing something that you haven't tried in AGES! It could be fun!!
If you do..Come tell me!!

Have a great week guys.. And thanks for stopping by..I really love that you do!

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Cordelia said...


new follower here and loving it!!

Could I possibly ask a couple of questions though?

One, when you draw your custom doodles (which are excellent may I add) do you draw them out really, as in pen and paper, or are they doodled on the 'puter with a tablet and digital pen? Just interested really.

B, how can I get 'in' on the art of Silliness, looks brilliant but not being a particularly 'arty' person I need some kind of kick in the botty to get me in the right direction.


Kittypinkstars said...

Hiya! Thanks for stopping by..Welcome to my world!

All my doodles are hand drawn and coloured in promarker!

I'm not techie enough for the computer yet!

And the art of silliness sign up link is here...

Great fun! This is my 4th time.. I LOVE IT!!!