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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The week in review

Well it started off all rainbows and positivity! But slowly everything started to go wrong! I wasted my Monday off and my poor lil Ethel got sick! But we hung on in there and created some cool stuff..Did some fun doodles.. Got some awesome new clothes and made the most of every moment! ♥

Here were my rainbows... I wanted to start the week in a good way, and RAINBOWS are the best way to start anything!

AND.... It was my Mum's birthday so that made the Monday EXTRA special! Here's the special doodle I did for Mum!

I FINALLY finished my very first PUFF BAG!! My friend requested one.. Haha she wanted it to look like a pumpkin puff.. It was a real challenge but I was really pleased with the result..And it was SO SO FLUFFY!!!!!

THEN...There was the dentist DISASTER!! I wasted so much time going there only to find out that they had tried to phone me and CANCEL!! BOO! Well normally I would be pleased but with the Plush You show deadline looming I was worried I wouldn't make it in time and CERTAINLY didn't have time to waste!

BUT! I got a new rainbow vintage shirt so that was exciting huh??? It's so super cute and frilly!

On Tuesday I was worried about my tiny sidekick Ethel..She had a loose tummy so I scooped her up in her little carry box and rushed her to the vets.. It was the first time she'd ever been to the vets.. Or anywhere really apart from on the bus home to my little pink house almost a year ago!

Anyway.. NOTHING could have prepared me for what followed.. The lovely vet asked if she was okay at being handled and of course I said YES she was a really sweet natured little thing..WHEN...

KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!! Yes! I have NEVER heard her make that noise before EVER! She bit him and flipped over doing a double somersault before leaping across the desk the other way and basically going CRAZY!!

As I have no photographic evidence of this dramatic scene.. I drew you all a doodle so you could get the idea!

Well she had some antibiotics and a relaxing snooze on the way home not to mention a little cuddle with Mummy haha YES she still loves me.. Check out this little smile..

So after that drama.. It was time to get focused on these Plush You puffs... But not just any old puffs... Third generation puffs..

A unicorn one..

An Ethel one..

AND a Candy Floss one..

PHEW all wrapped up and on their way to Schmancy

I LOVE it when I catch up with my jobs..

It means I can think about the next project in my fuzzy brain!

AND this time it's CHRISTMAS......

Yay! Christmas puffs!

Well.. I think that's all from this little old week.. Except to say that my doodle diary is STILL going strong! If you want to check it out head over HERE

Thanks for popping by and checking out the new look blog! Oh and remember.. I will be doing a puff conker giveaway for regular commenters in the week so if you are a regular... GOOD LUCK!


Womble said...

My you have had a busy week!! :o) xXx

drrao96 said...

love your christmas doodles!!

B............... said...

testing................testing <3

B............... said...

Finally, I get to comment after a squillion attempts but still no piccies for Me .....BOO HOO and I so want to see your Christmas doodles!

B xxx

Helen Clancy said...

Cant wait for your Christmas puffs!!! They are all FANTASTIC!!! I dont know which one to choose!!! xx :0)

Elizabeth Baer smith said...

I absolutly LOVE your doodle of Ethal at the vet, you captured the scene Great!

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that your puffs are AMAZING!!! and the bag is super cool! Glad your little Ethel is doing ok!!

Blogger said...

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