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Monday, 19 September 2011

The week in review

Sorry guys! It was a crazy clear out week so I was a bit busy to remember to take loads of pictures..SO it's a little less colourful than usual... But these certainly sum up how Autumny its feeling here right now! Anyway it was a week on clearing out ALL the rubbish and getting ready to start a new!! Ethel and kitty cat cuddling... Crisp mornings.. Yummy breakfasts..Walks through the leaves...And trips to my favourite shop! The pet shop!!

We had a wonderful Autumn like walk through the woods on Saturday.... It was completely beautiful!

I love the change of seasons SO much! So much to spot..I love how the same places look so different depending on the time of year!

Also there were a few Birthdays.. And that meant a few doodles..

But mainly the week was full of clearing out the old... Lots of old Self Portrait Thursday clothes went on Ebay! SO to grab a bargain head over here

I feel so much better for clearing out.. I'm moving style has changed so lots of my things just aren't me anymore.. Same with friends..

I'm just going to wrap myself up in all the things I love and leave all the rest behind!

Oh and then Ethel! Well she got a new toy.... A Himalayan salt crystal.. Hahaha look she spent most of the time praying to it!

Sorry it's not so colourful this week guys... But some weeks just go that way I guess.. Better luck next week! Have an awesome one!

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drrao96 said...

ethel is sooo cute!!