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Monday, 12 September 2011

The week in review

This was the week that had seemed SO FAR AWAY!!! Well time to burst the bubble and get back into the REAL world! AAAAAAAAAGH!!!! Haha well I coped remarkably well.. New outlook and Autumn is on the way! ♥ New ideas new projects endless possibilities! And of course...ETHEL and my boys ♥♥

Well it wasn't back to school straight away.. We still had a couple of days off..So on Monday..First we went to the library for Noah to collect his certificate for completing the summer reading challenge!

Yay! Noah ALWAYS does the summer reading challenges at the library..He's done them since starting school! *high fives* It's great that they offer such opportunities to keep children interested in the holidays!

Next we acted like holiday makers.. We went into town and sat by the quay eating cockles and chips!

Then in true UK summer style it rained so we headed home and chilled out...
I did a doodle for my friend Helen.. A special tribute doodle for her in memory of Marley!

Tuesday... It POURED with rain ALL day! Boo! BUT at least it was an awesome mail day huh!!??

Perfect day for my new vintage raincoat to arrive...

I I got some awesome vintage fabric from a super sweet friend.. It's SO PINK! Apparently it needed a pink professional to deal with it!! I have NO idea what to do with it yet, but it makes me happy just looking at it!!

AND.. I got a new friend from Polly Doodars Isn't he awesome? Pink fuzzy head with a rainbow body! Remind you of anyone?? Haha we are VERY well suited!

Tuesday evening Noah wanted to take this pic of us all.. Haha it was after our baths so we look a little funny!

Well.. Then it was WEDNESDAY!! Back to the real world..Back to school!

The walk was ok though... LOOK! The first Autumn leaf!

Noah was more than ready for year 6.. And REALLY excited!

He's had a great start and is really positive! This makes me smile...Lots!! I feel that we've breathed in a whole new energy! It must be that Autumn spirit!

Other fun and random moments of the week included..This new character I doodled at the bus stop.. Meet Mewton!

And then I made a tester plush out of felt..

Mewton seemed quite popular when I introduced him to my facebook page! So I think I may be making more..Maybe furry too!

The other things I made for my shop this week included..

A Dr Who custom puff..

Winnie the witch and Winston the wizard..

It was my friend Heidi's birthday on Saturday! I made her some kitty puffs inspired by her cats... Haha Alice was miffed!

And a birthday doodle.

I made a double scoop puff ice cream for the sweetest little girl.. And after months of waiting on pre order.. I got the new Keri Smith book! WOOP! Autumn is a time for new fun projects!

OH..AND! I will be making some conker puffs for a little giveaway for my commenters and regular readers because I want to say THANK YOU and I finally hit 300 readers...THANK YOOOOOU!!

Saturday.. I spent the day with Mum so here's another Dear photo pic...

Well a fun week was finished off in a fun way..

No singing this week though because THIS WEEK we got a new board game.....

The crazy cat lady game...

Hahahahahahaha hahaha ha!! SO much fun!!

I am still giggling at the expression on my boys faces! And when Noah noticed I had 25 cats...He was GOBSMACKED!!

I recommend this game for all you crazy cat people out there..From Sick for cute

So all in all... A pretty fun week huh?

BUT.. Somethings missing...Where's Ethel?? I hear you cry..

Right here... Superstar ham!

Happy new week guys.. What have YOU been up to? Anything exciting?


Katie said...

What are cockles? They look scary....

B............... said...

You have had a fabby fun busy week, I'm worn out just reading about it 'hehe'.
The library reading challenges are great aren't they, my daughter considers herself to grown up for them now but I'm hoping my little man will start in a year or 2.
I think I may need to go and order Kerri Smiths new book now!

Beki xxx

Dryalantha said...

Oh my god, I like the picture Mosaic, all those pinkness! And those kittypuffs are just adorable. :-)

drrao96 said...

love your wizard puffs!