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Sunday, 4 September 2011

The week in review

Well it was the last week of the summer holidays here, but we certainly made the most of it and stuffed it full like a pitta bread! The week was full of fun including..A boat trip..trips to the beach..snail mail for a new plush pals from crafty girls I puffs..sandcastles..photographs..Ethel and lots and lots of memories! I hope YOUR summer was as magical!! ♥

WOW! We certainly stuffed the week full...

On Bank Holiday Monday we went for a boat ride up and down the Wareham river.. I love Wareham! My Dad grew up there and I always love to hear his funny stories, they make me feel like I know the place well.

Well here was the crew..Jacob steered the boat..I was ships photographer..My bro was there to keep Noah in line haha.. As for Noah! Hmm...Well he was there to sing sea shanties!

Oh and then there was Gladys..Haha..Well she kept us ALL in line!

The weather was beautiful..We were VERY lucky! Bank Holidays here are usually rubbish!

A super fun day..Even though I did get a little windswept!

Wednesday was a LOVELY beach day!

Such fun... The sun came out for us and we had an amazing time! Dad caught a fish and Noah tried his hand at crabbing..Not too much luck that time but practice makes perfect!

Pinkie had an awesome time too..Well she loves the beach! It was one of the reasons I adopted her! I'm sure you know by now but Pinkie was made by the awesomeness that is Tiny Oyster ..The most amazing unique plush! I love that shop to bits..Inspired by every little bit of magic nature throws at us!!

Yeah! We're PERFECT for each other!

Well Thursday was an exciting day...We got the boat over the THE magical island that is...BROWNSEA!!

I have always adored Brownsea island... I went camping there as a girl guide.. It's a magical little island only 15 minutes away!

It just feels special there.. And with people you love..AMAZING!

We had a picnic lunch.... Yeah I know I shouldn't play with my food BUT....

Haha cute huh?

To top it off my owls from Heidi at Little Nore had arrived so I too them for a magical photoshoot!

How cute? Not only is Heidi super sweet but she's super talented...You just have to check out her blog and etsy shop!

Saturday came...Our last Saturday of the summer hols! WOW! Can you believe how quickly time goes... It's true! It really does fly when you're having FUN!!

Anyway...We headed back to our spot on the beach...

I took my owls for a beach themed picture..

Well a few actually...But they are so pretty I couldn't resist!

Oh and Noah went crabbing CRAZY!! He caught 10!

He did catch loads of massive ones but seemed particularly keen on these little tiddlers..

Most of my best times are with these guys..... So many memories..So many laughs!

So...That was kinda my week! Apart from these little newsflashes..

I got another new friend..This time from Cuteandcreepy ..He's a gnome bunny and I named him Wilf! So cute and one of a kind... You should go see if there's the perfect friend for you hanging out over there!!

Ethel seemed a little too keen to hang onto him herself...

Also I made new puffs for the shop... The first of my Halloween designs...

AND.... It was the August raffle over at KPS headquarters.... And the winner was..... DRUMROLL!

NUMBER 31..... Gail Walker! And she picked a blue bunny puff as her prize!

To get entered into Septembers raffle just make ANY purchase from my Etsy shop..Every thing bought will come with a ticket for the September raffle..The prize? Any £6 puff from my shop..GOOD LUCK!!

Phew..What a lovely week.. I can't believe the summer holidays are almost over! 2 days to fill and then I have to leave my little world and go back to reality.. Well at least there's Autumn to look forward to...

What are YOUR favourite memories of the summer? And what are you most looking forward too?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved reading about this, Pinkie was made for you!!! She loves the beach almost as much as you do!

Bex said...

Wow, what a fabulous week. So much fun. Well done to Noah on his crabbing,seems like practice really does make perfect.

And I'm loving the halloween puffs - the ghost ones are particularly awesome.

Thanks for brightening my day (again)


btw, your brother is way cute!! haha

Heidi M said...

your blog post always make me happy, and it looks from your great pics you have had a magical summer, its great to see you enjoying the owls, thank you for featuring them here :D

drrao96 said...

love your vampire bat puff!!!! At some point in time, would you be interested in swapping?

Anonymous said...

Have shared this on my blog <3

Anonymous said...

Well, I spent most of this summer on crutches and in a cast, so there's not much on that front of happy memories, but I have had some good times. I just love the feeling of the sun on my face. Having to walk slowly has made me appreciate the little things I see along the way.

out of the frame said...

so many great photos!

lilipopo said...

Love following your summery adventures and LOVELOVELOVE the ghostie puffs!!

Kate x