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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sunday treasury..

When I was a little girl... My Nan made me soft toys...

Magical soft toys! She even has a magic cupboard full of everything you could ever need to make such magical creations..

Now my Nan isn't here.. I have the magic wardrobe.. I carry the magic... Because.. She made me Norman!

And I swear there is nothing more magical than Norman..

Hand knitted for my by my Nan, he's been everywhere with me. He even came to London on my special trip with Dad!

So I dedicate this weeks treasury to the love between a girl and her fox friend..

Dedicated to my knitted fox Norman..Made by my Nan..

Dedicated to my Nan... She watches me.. I know..

Sleep well... For tomorrow is another day..

We'll face it together... I can do anything when Norman's by my side!

To see the treasury up close and comment..Just click here

Do you have a well loved childhood friend? I'd love to hear about them!


Anonymous said...

Norman is very cool :-D

Chepcher Jones said...

I wish to have such memories... but my oldest teddy bear, a very small one is over 30 years old ;)

Heidi M said...

i love Norman, i can see he was made with much love. My grandma had a magical cupboard stuffed full of buttons, zips, wool in a vast array of colors,jars of old brooches and i loved it.I had a friend called Ted...and he was a bear !!! he went everywhere with me, even on Holidays and i had fluffy duck called Ubu i loved it then it went missing and i found it in the garden having been nabbed by my dogs

drrao96 said...