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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Sunday treasury..

WOW! Well I can't believe it...The six weeks holiday has just flown by! Tomorrow I'll be taking Noah to the shops to stock up on stationery..He already has a new Converse bag and AWESOME pencil case...

It's always sad to say goodbye to the holidays..And the first day back was always daunting, like that Sunday night feeling just 100 times weirder! But I always had a new bag and pencil case for the new term.. Full of new pens and pencils.. I remember the smell! And how I wanted to shrink down small and fit into my new tidy bag!

SO...With this in mind, I created a back to school treasury! BUT..not just any back to school...Back to school KITTY STYLE!

For me it would be pink and rainbows all the way.......

To see anything up close and leave a message...Just click here!

Do you remember that Sunday night feeling? What did YOU look forward to?


little bobbins said...

I remember (and this may have only happened once but I remember it like it happened every week) Sundays mum used to do the ironing and watch Labyrinth. Every time I see that film not I get the sinking, dreading school sunday feeling - annoying as I really like the film :)

I did love the stationary that comes with school though and loved getting a new pencil case every September - I left my pencil case on the school bus in the first week of school once - full of my fave pens - devastated!

Dani x

drrao96 said...

you were so cute!

Chepcher Jones said...

OMG I did not like school... spooky times ;)