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Monday, 29 August 2011

The week in review

Whee!!! Super fun week... Even though the weather was a bit glum.. We still managed to go on our yearly scarecrow hunt.. Clear out my room..Visit the beach..Go to the woods.. Have a lovely pub lunch..Chips in the rain..Crafting..Rainbows and lots of laughs!

Monday and Tuesday were spent clearing out my bedroom.. Haha yes if you have a studio..LUCKY YOU! I work under the bed like a borrower! I do have a cabin bed so it's not completely insane.. But here is my newly tidied workspace..

On Tuesday evening.. We went for a walk down the beach..It was windy and dull.. Perfect! Nobody around and we had a lovely fresh walk by the sea..

I just LOVE to be by the sea at any time in any weather! It always has something magical to offer no matter what!

Thursday was a GOOD HAIR DAY!!

Followed by a FANTASTIC DAY!! Yay we went on our annual scarecrow trail.. Loads to see!

We love this trail! Well I get particularly excited about it.. I think it's the sense of community and the creativity that just makes me smile!

Here were some of this years awesome entries..

Here's MY favourite

GIANT SCARECROW! I loved him..So smart and SO MASSIVE!! Hahaha!

Then to top off a fantastic day we had a pub lunch! Thanks Dad!

On Sunday we had a wander in the woods..

And in true to form weather style it started to rain...

But we ALWAYS have fun no matter what!!

After all... It's beginning to feel a lot like Autumn!! And that's MY season!!

I feel happy when I'm with these guys though...

They always make me feel OK!

And I'm ready for the new season......

I'm excited..

The Autumn smell...crunchy leaves..fresh mornings and cardigans!

Happy new week guys! What are you getting excited about?


lilipopo said...

I LOVE your blog, it puts a smile on my face when I'm feeling a little uncheery. thankyou xx

drrao96 said...

OMG I love your converse!