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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sunday treasury..

Well..Hello again! Here it is..Sunday treasury time!

This week I have been really really excited and inspired by my new favourite tv show Carnivale..

I have always had a crazy obsession for the circus..Especially the olden day freak shows.. I love love love anything like this.. I read The Tattoo Girl by Brooke Stevens years ago.. I love the creepiness of it and the strange sense of family! If I had nobody and nowhere I think I'd join the travelling carnivale.. I certainly don't fit in here..Feel like a freak most of the time.. In a good way..I could be the rainbow girl huh?

So when I discovered this show I was really excited.. set in the United States during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl. In tracing the lives of two disparate groups of people, its overarching story depicts the battle between good and evil and the struggle between free will and destiny..

It was shown in USA but is now over here in the UK.. I was gutted to hear that they cut it short! That some of the storylines aren't tied up.. But I have a good imagination and sometimes it's best to leave something to that!

I'm just gonna make the most of it..

Plus.. I LOVE this guy...

Oh and when I say inspired haha I mean like this..

Meet my new characters...

Ok I know I am ridiculous!! But they made ME laugh!!

Anyway.. That pretty much explains it.. SO tah dah.. Here's this Sunday's treasury...

Dedicated to me and all my freaky friends.. Haha

They call us freaks but we're rockin the Carnivale!

Inspired by my new favourite tv show and my magical lifelong love for all things creepy circus!

Into each generation is born a creature of light and a creature of darkness...

If you want to see these cool creepy goodies up close or leave a comment..Just click here

Thanks for popping by.. Oh and if you joined the circus..What would you like to be?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You have to love Michael J. Anderson! He's been one of my faves for a long time. I think I first started following his career when Lynch used him in his movies. He lives in my neighborhood so occasionally I get to say hi and make brief eye contact. LOL