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Friday, 12 August 2011

Ordinary day..Happy day..

Hey guys... Hope you're having a lovely day.. It's raining here but I got a new rainbow collection of sharpie pens and a lovely rainbow pad so that cheered the greys away..

Then I had the yummiest dessert when I went out for lunch with my boys!!!

got blogged by the super sweet and crazy talented Heidi M..

You can read my little interview here

Norman got a mention!!! He's VERY excited!!!

And while you're there you'll just have to check out her other posts..Her beautiful drawings are so sweet.. She has a lovely little Etsy shop here

So... Lots of things to make ME smile today..What about you? What made YOU smile today? Have a happy Friday!!


Katie said...

hanging with my sissy :)

Mandy Crandell said...

Those Sharpies are awesome! I've been wanting to try their Stained collection.!/MandyCrandell

Heather said...

i love new sharpies...
the weather makes me smile today - 75 sunny and no clouds or humidity!