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Friday, 12 August 2011

The final days of the photo challenge..

Whoops! I realised that when I went AWOL from blogging for a while.. I forgot to finish my photo challenge!

So... Here we go..

Day 23: A picture of my favourite book..WELL I know this isn't actually THE BOOK but I found this amazing image online when I typed in The Solitaire Mystery! And THAT is MY favourite book! I love it...The magic, the fairytale,the philosophy and the wonderful feelings conjured up by jumping into Han's wonderful adventure.. If you haven't read it..I thoroughly recommend it!

Day 24: Something you wish you could change..Hmm.. Well there are so many little things that I wish I could change but basically PEOPLE.. Their lack of empathy and the fact that so many people JUST DON'T CARE! It makes me sad. I wish that we could all care about each other a little instead of being so selfish! But I guess it's asking a lot..And after the riots in London this week it seems that things are getting worse than ever.. So with that in mind... BEAM ME UP SCOTTY! THERE'S NO INTELLIGENT LIFE DOWN HERE!

Day 25: A picture of your day! Well this one is easy as I'm keeping a 365 day project..My doodle diary! So for this picture I am just using today's page.. I went to town with my boys on the bus and we went for lunch! Awesome fun!!

Day 26: Something that means a lot to you... NORMAN!!!! Haha my knitted fox friend made for me by my Nan when I was a little girl! I LOVE Norman! He goes everywhere with me and still sleeps by my pillow. I took him on all my Brownie and Guide camps and even took him to London last month when I went to see Neil Diamond with Dad! Dad says he's a legend!! NORMAN RULES!!

Day 27: A picture of me and a family member..Aww I found this cute picture of me and Noah on my laptop! I've not used it before for anything because it's a bit blurry! BUT I love it anyway!!

Day 28: A picture of something I'm afraid of.. Well I am completely and utterly terrified of caterpillars!! I can't even put a picture of one here or I'll be too scared to look at my blog.. I've drawn them before for therapy but it still doesn't help! SO I decided on a picture of a caterpillar ride! Haha I'm okay with this one!

Day 29.. A picture that always makes me smile..Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha without a doubt..It has to be THIS picture of Ethel! Do I need to explain?? Nah...It's just too funny!!!

Day 30.. A picture of a person I'd like to swap places with for a day.. I'm pretty happy in my own skin really... But it would have to be someone FUN! Someone with a crazy sense of magic and a child like love of life..a crazy cool eccentric... Maybe the rainbow lady! She looks like she has a load of fun huh??

Well there we go 30 days finished.. Hope it was worth waiting for!?? Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

Katie said...

rainbow lady is so cool! i could see you dressing like her :)