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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The competition starts HERE...

Right then guys... Here's what's going to happen.. Tomorrow when the evening falls here in the UK I will be putting all of the design a puff entries up online in 4 separate blogs for the 4 separate age groups..

Under 5's



Big kids (aka adults)

So... All YOU need to do is take a good look at all of the entries and let me know which number is YOUR favourite in each category!
They will all be numbered so you will just need to let me know in your comments which number you are voting for in each group! We don't have many in the under 5's but lets cheer them on by giving them some votes ok!?

Voting will be starting tomorrow and taking place over the next 2 weeks in order to give people plenty of time to get their vote in!

PLEASE tell your friends and get them to sign up and vote!

When I get to 300 blog readers I will be doing a special Fall themed giveaway for the loveliest people who take the time to read and comment.. Because I love to interact with you guys and meet like minded people so it would be a nice way to say thanks! I mean I don't just want numbers I'd like some lovely regulars to hang out with!

The prize?? Conker puffs!

5 people will get a chance to win one of these little Autumn/Fall puff pals!

SO...Whatcha waiting for..Oh yeah tomorrow! Ok well in the meantime why not grab a drink and have a snoop around.. There's lots of silliness to catch up on... and say hi!!

Love and rainbows..Kitty xoxox


Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to start voting!!! Very exciting <3

Anonymous said...

we just connected on FB and saw I missed the voting ;o(

since we went on vacation a few weeks ago I have not been able to get back organized to get to read all the awesome blogs.

but I do see all your updates on Flicker. I am so inspired by you and your adorable drawings. You amaze me w/your creativity. I have done more art journaling then ever this past year because of you inspiring me.!


little bobbins said...

Woohoo, exciting, looking forward to seeing all the puff designs :)

Kittypinkstars said...

Thanks guys!! No you haven't missed the voting! The voting blogs are up now and you have 2 weeks!!!

drrao96 said...