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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

30 day doodle challenge..Lets do it again!!

As promised.... I found a second set of 30 day doodle prompts..

Here you go...

1. Self Portrait
2. Imaginary Friend
3. Most Recent Dream
4. Re-Design Book Cover
5. Childhood Memory
6. Whats in Your Bag?
7. Hybrid Animal
8. Scene From a Movie
9. Siamese Twins
10. Super Hero
11. Super Villain
12. An Elderly Person
13. A Freakin’ Baby
14. Portrait of a Pet
15. A Dinosaur
16. Draw Something with Your Eyes Closed
17. A Delicious Food
19. Sea Creature
20. Your Dream Job
21. A Guilty Pleasure
22. Favourite Cartoon Character
23. Actor/Actress
24. A Collage
25. Best Friend
26. Instrument
27. Something with Sentimental Value
28. Your Zodiac Sign
29. The Meaning of Your Name
30. Favourite Outfit.

A self portrait! ME dressed in my unicorn costume..The unicorn queen!

Meet Bub.. He's a 3rd generation unicorn puff (My imaginary friend)

I dreamt about my Nan.. I miss her and I wish she could see me now.. I'd love to show her what I create! (A recent dream)

Sophie's World.. A magical book! (Redesign a book cover)

Having the greatest family in the world.. Making it the most magical childhood full of too many memories to doodle.. ♥ (Childhood memory)... I based this doodle on this photograph I took of my Mum..Dad and brother Michael when I was little.. I kept this by my bed...

What's in my bag?

Hybrid animal... Ethel mixed with Totoro! Haha well SURELY you're not surprised!?

Day 8...I love this film so much.. Me and you and everyone we know.. I couldn't do the feet shot again because I did that for the last 30 day challenge!(Scene from a movie)

Day 9.. Well.. In case you didn't know...When I was a little girl I fell to earth in my red zip up slippers.. I swapped places with the little earthling girl and she lives on my planet... We are joined together by a rainbow so I never get homesick but never quite fit! (Siamese twins)

Day 10.. Meet E-Force... The craziest rodent superhero on the planet..Haha YES it's Ethel! (A superhero)

My nemesis.. CAT-EURGH-PILLAR! My Kryptonite.. (A super villain)

It's MEEEEEE one day I WILL look like THIS.... (An old person!)

When I get these scratch mitts off..YOU guys are gonna GET SOME!!! ♥ Hmm I had NO idea what to draw for (A freakin baby)

My two headed cat monster.. Wilbur AND Dollie because they're hard to tell apart..Especially when then sit like THIS!!!! ♥

Well what can I say.. You wanted a dinosaur..So here's MY dinosaur!!! Kitty style! (A dinosaur)

Well I drew Ethel!! (Draw something with your eyes shut!)


Perfect for me.. I design my own multi coloured zombies! ♥ (ZOMBIES!!!!!)

Deep in the ocean lived Kitty squid..She was just waiting for the moment to be HIS perfect catch! Haha based on the plush I made Jacob for Valentines day.. ♥ (A sea creature)

Well..It's all I've ever wanted to do..So.. I guess I'm kinda livin the dream huh? ♥ (Dream job)

Dressing as a unicorn..Getting lips on the x-box and singing my heart out to Chicago and Nik Kershaw..Oh not to mention Phantom of the opera!! Hahaha!! And I ALWAYS finish with CHICAGO for DAD!!! ♥ (Guilty pleasure)

Without a doubt..The aardvark from the pink panther ♥ (Favourite cartoon character)

Well it had to be my favourite leading man..Cillian Murphy! In one of my all time favourite films..Breakfast on Pluto! (Actor or actress)

I love collecting bits and bobs.. I love noticeboards and I love being surrounded by inspirational things that make me smile..♥ (A collage)

MY Jacob! He's my EVERYTHING!!! ♥ Including Best friend! (Best friend)

I wear this necklace when I need it's power and strength.. It's my wishing necklace and it's helped me through a lot of emotional moments over the past 9 months! The rosary was from Mum and Dad on a trip to Paris and my unicorn engagement ring from Jacob is threaded on..Double power!! ♥ (Something with sentimental value)

I want to be a lion..Everybody wants to pass as cats ♥ I was born in the year of the tiger and I'm a Leo (Zodiac sign)

I wanna be FREE ♥ (Meaning of my name)

Ok so it's no strictly my fave EVER! BUT it's my fave for right now because I bought it and wore it for my super special NEIL DIAMOND concert with Dad in London! ♥ (Favourite outfit)

Super fun...Go on give it a go guys... If you do please link me..I'd love to see what you come up with!!!


Vera said...

how awesome!! i just love your drawing style ♥

dottys heart said...

I love your doodles..... You are so talented and imaginative. Xx

Katie said...

Yay! I love seeing what you come up with!