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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday treasury..

Hey guys..Well I decided to start making Etsy treasuries again.. It's been a while! In fact it used to be so tough to grab one that I think I kinda gave up. But now with the whole new Etsy I decided to give it a go.. I'm going to make a treasury every Sunday! Each treasury is going to express ME.. The things that make me.. me and the things I love!

So this week... It's a hamster treasury dedicated to my baby bear..ETHEL!

You can click here to go and see all the goodies up close and leave a comment...

oh and here's Ethel!! Haha..

Just because I love her so so so!!

Oh and last week I did a treasury about... RAINBOWS!!!

It's a week late because I couldn't work out the whole screen grabby thing! DOH!! Anyway you can check out the multicoloured goodness here

Inspired by these doodles I drew..

And of course.. My crazy rainbow obsessions.. Remember.. Be your own rainbow!

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