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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Magic happens to those who wait!

The Jazz Singer! That was where it all started.. I watched this film with my Dad when I was just a little girl!

Haha SWEET CAROLINE I was.. Cute huh?

Well I adored the film so much..The story..the songs..and the bond that I shared with my Dad through it.. As I grew up it was always something SPECIAL between me and my Dad!

In fact.. When he phoned me from hospital last year to tell me Neil Diamond was on tv...He said "It's OUR Neil Diamond" You have no idea how that makes me feel just thinking about it now!

I was talking to my brother early this year and we were discussing hopes..wishes and dreams. Thinking about the old 80's tv show Jim'll fix it, where people would write in with their wishes and he would make them come true! I said if the tv show was still on, my wish would be to see Neil Diamond in concert with Dad! Well... Something AMAZING happened! He announced a UK tour date in London at the 02! Even MORE AMAZING!!! My brother got us 2 tickets!!!!

YES YES YES!!! I spent the next few months... Finding THE PERFECT OUTFIT!! And decided on this...

When I tried it on I knew...It was PERFECT!!

Time passed.... And THEN!! The day arrived!!

I have waited ALL MY LIFE to say this.....Dad and I went to London to see NEIL DIAMOND!!!!!

WOW!!! What an amazing night.. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was.. And on top of that..Dad had signed us up for SKY backstage passes!! Woohoo...
The wristband even matched my outfit perfectly..Hahaha much to Dad's disappointment! He would have preferred a BLUE one!

We walked the red carpet.. It was AMAZING..

Had our picture taken like real celebs..

Haha I ADORE this photo... What a memory! I wasn't sure if Dad would be up for it but it was just so much fun to be silly with him!

We had our food backstage and EVEN had our seats UPGRADED!!! WOW! We ended up with even more AMAZING seats than before.. We were super near.. K30 and 31!

When the lights dimmed and the music to Soolamon started..Well that was completely intense... Then he appeared and WOO! The next 2 hours were THE MOST AMAZING NIGHT EVER!!! Dad and I had so much fun..Sweet Caroline was obviously the crowd favourite..We all sang along and Neil did several repeats of the chorus for us to all join in..Clapping, dancing and just having THE BEST TIME! Memories I will treasure FOREVER! My dream came true!!!

He finished before the encore with one of my all time favourites.. I am I said! AMAZING!! I couldn't of imagined it any more magical!

Here's the setlist from what I can remember.... Eeek I was on another planet so it may be slightly wrong..

Soolaimon; Beautiful Noise; Forever In Blue Jeans; Hello Again; Shilo; Red, Red, Wine (reggae version); You Got To Me; Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon; Cherry,Cherry (inc band introductions); Glory Road; Ain’t No Sunshine; I’m A Believer (slow and fast versions); You Don’t Bring Me Flowers (duet with Linda Press); Crunchy Granola Suite; Morningside; Holly Holy; Sweet Caroline, Hell Yeah; I Am...I said...;Cracklin’ Rosie; America; Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show; I’ve Been This Way Before.

Afterwards we went for a quick drink backstage again... The VIP bar was so cool.. Check out the lights...

And as for these lights in the middle of the 02! WOW..Well I wanted to take them home with me..

But instead I bought a t shirt and Dad got me the program... EVEN MORE AWESOME! Haha!

We walked back to the hotel afterwards and were both so excited..We had a mug of hot chocolate each and spent most of the night talking.. Not sure if that was MY fault or DAD'S! Haha but it was the perfect end to THE PERFECT night!

Of course... EVERY wonderful memory needs a doodle.. So here it is! I love you Dad..Thanks for sharing this with me!!


VegasJellyFish said...

That sounds so awesome! Sounds like a great night and a great memory to last forever!

Bigbluebed said...

I muight have had a liitle tear in my eye.

I too have loved Neil Diamond since I was a little girl. And I can only imagine how amazing it must have been to see him live.

I am so pleased you had such a wonderful night!