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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Happy birthday to me...

Haha I made myself a puff

Well what a super fun weekend....

Mum and Dad took me out for a drive in the car on Saturday... I thought Mum was moving slow! Then we wat in the car park for AGES doing a crossword... After then Mum suggested we went to Dad's allotment to have a look..It's been a while..

Well I didn't think anything strange about it! After all I love it at Dad's allotment! It's so very relaxing and magical there..Like you're a million miles away from EVERYTHING!

But..When we finally got home..It was obvious what all the stalling was about! They'd all been plotting and Jacob had been preparing a top secret party tea... Sandwiches..cake..the lot!!

I have THE BEST family!!!

And then TODAY was my Birthday!!

I'm a lucky lucky girl... I dream in rainbows and I carry my own sunshine! But today I'm 37! Hahahaha! It makes me laugh... Never lose the child you were..And stay crazy! Haha 37 seemed such a sensible age when I was a little girl.. But just look at me NOW!

I was a very very lucky girl..Lots of spending money from my family for my ever growing Etsy wish list no doubt.. Ugly dolls from Noah! Perfect they both had very similar personality traits to me...And from Jacob I got a BAMBOO drawing tablet! So my doodles can go DIGITAL!!! WOOP!!

I had some super cute presents and cards from friends too...

We went to the cinema to see the new Studio Ghibli movie... Arrietty.. I thoroughly recommend it! So sweet!!

Then we went for lunch at Nandos!! Yee...

Before heading home for a good old sing on the X-Box!

So..Inspired by my special birthday weekend..Here's an extra treasury this week..

Based on a perfect birthday party...

So for a closer look and to check out all the goodies.. Click HERE

And thanks to anyone and everyone who left me a message! I was overwhelmed by the amount of Happy Birthdays I got on Facebook!!

You make me happy... I hope I make you feel the same way!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A belated but love filled Happy Birthday Kitty. xx