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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Happy birthday to me...

Haha I made myself a puff

Well what a super fun weekend....

Mum and Dad took me out for a drive in the car on Saturday... I thought Mum was moving slow! Then we wat in the car park for AGES doing a crossword... After then Mum suggested we went to Dad's allotment to have a look..It's been a while..

Well I didn't think anything strange about it! After all I love it at Dad's allotment! It's so very relaxing and magical there..Like you're a million miles away from EVERYTHING!

But..When we finally got home..It was obvious what all the stalling was about! They'd all been plotting and Jacob had been preparing a top secret party tea... Sandwiches..cake..the lot!!

I have THE BEST family!!!

And then TODAY was my Birthday!!

I'm a lucky lucky girl... I dream in rainbows and I carry my own sunshine! But today I'm 37! Hahahaha! It makes me laugh... Never lose the child you were..And stay crazy! Haha 37 seemed such a sensible age when I was a little girl.. But just look at me NOW!

I was a very very lucky girl..Lots of spending money from my family for my ever growing Etsy wish list no doubt.. Ugly dolls from Noah! Perfect they both had very similar personality traits to me...And from Jacob I got a BAMBOO drawing tablet! So my doodles can go DIGITAL!!! WOOP!!

I had some super cute presents and cards from friends too...

We went to the cinema to see the new Studio Ghibli movie... Arrietty.. I thoroughly recommend it! So sweet!!

Then we went for lunch at Nandos!! Yee...

Before heading home for a good old sing on the X-Box!

So..Inspired by my special birthday weekend..Here's an extra treasury this week..

Based on a perfect birthday party...

So for a closer look and to check out all the goodies.. Click HERE

And thanks to anyone and everyone who left me a message! I was overwhelmed by the amount of Happy Birthdays I got on Facebook!!

You make me happy... I hope I make you feel the same way!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Unicorns I love them

Hey guys... Well I know I usually do my treasuries on a Sunday..But tomorrow is my Birthday and I really wanted to do a special Birthday treasury then.. So today I went ahead and did the next treasury on my list...

Inspired by my LOVE of unicorns...

Yes! The evidence is clear! There's no denying it... I LOVE unicorns.. So here's my treasury for the week...

To see it close up and maybe leave a comment just click here and thanks for stopping by.. Tomorrow..MY BIRTHDAY and an extra special PARTY treasury!!

Friday, 29 July 2011

Illustration Friday.. OBSESSION

This weeks illustration Friday..This weeks topic.. Obsession..

1. The state of being obsessed with someone or something.
2. An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind.

Well I asked the people who know me best AND its unanimous!! I am obsessed with Ethel!! My hamster.. And taking photos of her! If you can't find me..That's where I'll be and that's what I'll be doing..

So here we are.. Kitty and Ethel!

Thanks for stopping by.. I hope it made you smile!

Summer sun puff GIVEAWAY!!

Well guys... I LOVE doing giveaways... And on my Facebook page I do regular fun raffles when I hit a certain number of likes..

SO..When I saw the giant 3,000 mark approaching I announced a Summer sun puff GIVEAWAY!

Well... TODAY!!! WAS THE DAY!!!!!! Whoopie 3,000 likes! I CANNOT believe it.. You guys RULE!!!

So here it is..THE SUMMER SUN PUFF!! Perfect for the Summer holidays when the sun refuses to shine. I mean why wait for the weather? You need to carry your OWN sunshine!

These guys will be available in my Etsy shop from August 10th BUT until then..for a chance to win one of your own please just leave a comment here with your email address to be entered into the raffle... Entries accepted until Friday 5th August midday GMT.. You can also enter via email to 5 WINNERS will be picked from my pink seaside bucket!

While you're here please pop by some of my other blog posts... The more readers I get..the more worthwhile my blog is... I might even do a giveaway for regulars!

And the biggest thank you possible for getting me here! You have no idea what it means to me... You are MY sunshine!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Until one has loved an animal

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

I adore animals so very much.. And pets! Well I wouldn't be without them.. When I was a little girl I had a cat..guinea pigs and then more cats! I nursed my brothers tortoise into hibernation..And just loved every minute of it!

When I moved out of home nearly 13 years ago my best friend was Sneaky.. I blogged about her here

Sadly after 12 years together I had to say goodbye to her on 19th January 2010.. It was one of the hardest things I have EVER done! My therapy when I am feeling low and very sad is my doodling! I just LOVE to doodle..It takes me away from it all. So I decided to do a tribute doodle to remember my oldest and sweetest friend..

It felt lovely to have something special that I had poured all my feeling into.. Something to keep. A memory!

I also lost Rosie..My tiny adopted hamster that year too... 2010 was a really rough year in so so many ways but the loss of my pets was really tough. I also did a doodle of me and my little Rosie..

Then one of my friends lost HER little hamster friend.. So I did a tribute doodle for her..

Here's Sned and Xena

She was so touched by it that I made the decision to do tribute doodles for anyone who had lost their pet. I didn't want to make money out of their sadness though so I decided to ask them to make a small donation to an animal charity of their choice..

It proved really popular as sadly lots of people were still very emotional about the loss of their furry friends.. Here are some of the doodles I have done..

Lots of lovely people who love their animals now have doodles to keep of them and their furry friends.. All donations have gone to
animal charities... AND I have had a lovely time helping them to preserve their memories in my markers!!

If you have lost a pet and would like a tribute drawn..Please email me at and I will be happy to do a doodle just for you! All I ask is that you make a donation to an animal charity of your choice and please email me the receipt, along with photographs of you and your pet.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sunday treasury..

Hey guys.. Yep it's Sunday again... And this week I was inspired by my weekend of walking around in the woods..

I ALWAYS have my camera with me.. So here are some of the photos I took this weekend..

I LOVE the woods.. We have so many fun adventures when we go there.. SO inspired by the magic of the woods and my belief that it is full of forest spirits.. I created this treasury..

To see it close up and leave a comment just head to Etsy and REMEMBER!! The magic is all around if you look hard enough!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Illustration Friday.. PERENNIAL

This weeks illustration Friday..This weeks topic.. PERENNIAL!

Definitions of perennial

1. [adj] - lasting an indefinitely long time

2. [adj] - (botany) lasting three seasons or more

3. [adj] - recurring again and again

4. [n] - a plant lasting for three seasons or more

Quotes - Example use of the word perennial
1. perennial efforts to stipulate the requirements

2. the common buttercup is a popular perennial plant

3. suggesting self-renewal

4. perennial happiness

So..With that in mind.. I doodled me as a perennial flower..After all I plan to keep my happy spirit forever no matter how old I am and I am constantly self renewing..

Hope it made you smile!!

To see everybody's entries.. Head over here.. ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday treasury..

Hey guys..Well I decided to start making Etsy treasuries again.. It's been a while! In fact it used to be so tough to grab one that I think I kinda gave up. But now with the whole new Etsy I decided to give it a go.. I'm going to make a treasury every Sunday! Each treasury is going to express ME.. The things that make me.. me and the things I love!

So this week... It's a hamster treasury dedicated to my baby bear..ETHEL!

You can click here to go and see all the goodies up close and leave a comment...

oh and here's Ethel!! Haha..

Just because I love her so so so!!

Oh and last week I did a treasury about... RAINBOWS!!!

It's a week late because I couldn't work out the whole screen grabby thing! DOH!! Anyway you can check out the multicoloured goodness here

Inspired by these doodles I drew..

And of course.. My crazy rainbow obsessions.. Remember.. Be your own rainbow!