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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hey guys..You missed me?

Firstly..Sorry sorry sorry! I haven't blogged in AGES! I don't know what happened..Well apart from the fact that life got really really busy! You know those puffs I was telling you about!?? Well I've been making them to order like a crazy kitty!

My new ones.. Well I made a rainbow collection of unicorn puffs..

Then.. I made some mini unicorn puff keyrings..

The perfect puffy pal to keep with you wherever you go... I've got mine.. Her name's Ulwin!

I'll be making all puffs in small keyring style..Watch this space!
Here's my first custom sheep one..

And while I'm thinking about little puffs.. Here's some dandelion puffs I made.. I adore dandelions.. They remind me of my childhood and ALWAYS fill me with hope!

Also.. I made more double puffs..
These ones were cherry puffs..

These were snapped up super quick by the lovely Claudia at NiNE FRUiTS PiE
And then.. I made mini ones on a keyring as a special order!

And then the really exciting stuff... The second generation puff....This one....HAS ARMS!!!!

He found a good home pretty quick.. He has poseable arms and is a real sweetie! I will be making more of these but for now they are rare so you have to grab them when you see them!

And last but definitely not least.... NYAN CAT PUFF!!

Inspired OF COURSE by this super cute and unbelievably catchy You Tube clip!

So can you see why I've been so busy!!?? Sorry I disappeared for so long..

BUT.... To make it up to you all.. I have a new website... Kittypinkstars Love and Rainbows

It's a work in progress..But I drew all the doodles...

And my lovely Jacob put it all together for me! He's AWESOME!!! He thought my doodled style would look best and make it 100% ME!! I'm really pleased with it.. We're a GREAT team!

Go see... It links up to everything I do..

There's a bit for fan photos..So if you have a picture of you and your KPS creation, please email it to me at and you might end up in the gallery!

AND..There's some colouring sheets to download!

Right I'll leave you to go see.. And thanks for sticking around! I love you guys!!!!


Deborah Cardinal said...

Your new site looks brill! Congrats!

Sian said...

Yay, welcome back! Looove the sheep puffs and Nyan Cat puff, not to mention (again) your fabulous tweeting outfit ;D - site looks great too, well done guys!

Vera said...

Hi! loved scrolling through your creation peeks, awesome!! :o)