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Friday, 4 March 2011

A very very late week in review!

Eeeeek! Sorry I'm so late guys! Phew this week has been crazy... But you don't wanna hear about that! Lets get on with LAST week!

Bench Monday set the tone of the week....Yep it was another puff filled week!!!

In fact it was half term.... WOO! So that meant lots of hanging around with Noah and taking it easy! But I never stop working so I made more puffs...

First came the bunny puffs...

Then...My self portrait Thursday was brought to you with my little Spring flower topped grassy puffs!

Bat puffs...

Then inspire by my little furry sidekick Ethel... I decided to make Ethel puffs..
Here's the doodled promo poster!

And here's the Ethel puff...

Ethel met her puffy double..

Haha she didn't seem quite so sure! Haha this week it was all about Ethel..

In fact it's like every week! I just love to hang out with that little furball!! Haha these guys laugh at how I am with that little hamster. But what can I say? I love her... I mean what's not to love huh??

Eeek she makes me squeak!! ♡

So.. next on the puff production line... The moment you've ALL been waiting for!

In order to build up the suspense I made a promo poster...

Then... Came the real thing!

And they sold like hot cakes... In fact 8 unicorn puffs found new homes on the day I listed them!

I've just listed them again.. So if you fancy a little puff buddy, head over to my shop

Plenty more puffs on their way...

Puffs are FUN!! Everyone needs a puff pal!

I ordered this yummy ice cream bowl and spoon from the awesome sickforcuteits completely perfect to keep my candy coloured puff Flossy in!

So that was my work of the week!! The rest of the half term was spent...

Watching movies... Jaws! My fave!

Wandering by the water.. In fact this was my 52 week project photo of the week..

And watching the clouds

We went to the wish tree... It's still going strong!

But we are thinking of starting another one nearby because we're not sure how much more it can cope with.. I'm also going to plant some pretty Spring flowers around the base to make it brighter for the new season!

And then there was Wilbur.. Hahaha!!

And all the funny faces he pulls when you watch him for 5 minutes!

Oh and 3 lovely ladies had Birthdays so I did some Birthday doodling...

Happy New week guys.. WOW! I'm so late it's almost here! :)


joanna said...

OMG! these are sooo adorable! made me smile!

Lauren said...

Hi :) I hope everything's haven't posted in a while xoxo