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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The week in review

Well here it is... Another week in review! Phew time sure flies when you're having fun huh?

And i've been having fun fun fun...

Monday... Bench Monday..

Walking the plank!

I also caught up on those last few art of silliness sheets..

Making these faces was fun...

This page was fun because I got to take more silly photos..

And this was my day... In list format!

So here it is... The whole collection.. 30 sheets of complete silliness!

So much fun! I CAN'T WAIT for the art of silliness 4!

And....Drum roll... I got my new glasses! Woo I can see!

Ok so I'm still not 100% confident BUT I can see for miles.. I didn't realise how bad my eyes were until I put them on.

AND... I got a new laptop... A MacBook! I am so excited!!

I want to do so much more with my doodles and this laptop is the first step towards my goal!

And then there's Ethel....

Every moment with that little furry bear makes me smile!

Happy new week guys.. Thanks for stopping by!


Treehugger_31 said...

Ethel is so cute! Oh I love little furry animal faces! :)

Claire said...

Ethel is so cute!
She looks like such a little character!