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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The week in review.. Running late!

Phew sorry guys.. Running late with last weeks week in review. But here you go..

Well first of all it was my super cute Valentines which I blogged about here

I love that boy so much! There's no denying it... I am so so grateful that fate led us together! He's the jelly to my ice cream..

Being completely in love on Valentines day made me doodle this for bench Monday..

You know what?? I don't even know where the week went?? All I know is I spent the first half happily drifting through..

Looking at clouds..

Watching the magic sky...

And generally daydreaming!

Thursday was a really stressful day! AAAAAGH!! But I won't be beaten by a negative.. No no no.. I just turned it into a positive!
And designed some funny little plushies..

Kitty's little puffs...

Well Wilbur made friends with them straight away!

haha reminded me of this...

Well.. the whole puff thing went crazy.. It was like my de stress therapy..So I moved on to..

Chicky puffs..

And even lamby puffs..

Loving these guys... More to come! But if you wanna get your hands on one now..Just head over to my Etsy shop here So many more designs on the way!!

Well the end of the week was really relaxing.. We went to my favourite place.. The beach!!

Yes.. I love it there..

And here's my Saturday photo for the 52 week photo project!

So it all turned out ok in the end huh? Positive and productive..

Oh and before I forget..

Ethel says hi!

Happy new week guys..


Treehugger_31 said...

Ethel is super photogenic! How do you get her to sit still long enough to get such cute pictures? My rat girls are always on the move. I don't have any good photos of them. :( Sadness.
I just love love love that pink t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

Hi :) I have been a reader of your blog for a long time (this is the first time I'm commenting ^.^) and I just wanted to say you super-inspire me :)
Today I have started the 30 Days of Me that you did a while back, and I am a bit nervous :P
I really love your outlook on everything and I adore your drawings
Lauren -xo-

iHanna said...

Awesome productive week it seams like... the chicks are so cute - but its a bit before Easter I hope? Gah, time runs so fast! :-)

Claire said...

So much cute here!
I love the chicky puffs and Wilbur and Ethel are so adorable!!!