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Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines day

I've always loved Valentines day. I never really celebrated it but it always gave me a warm feeling to see the flower delivery vans and girls with glowing faces carrying bouquets home on the bus that they's had delivered at work. Men rushing around with flowers and cards.. It always made my heart feel happy. I'm a romantic.. I ALWAYS believed in love, no matter what!

Then 2 years ago I met my Jacob and knew who I'd been waiting for all my life.. And we celebrated Valentines!

The first year we went to the woods in the dark with a load of origami lanterns we made filled with sweet candles and floated them up the river..

And I got Nichol at pinkcheekstudios to immortalise us in plush form!

The second year we celebrated by going bowling..

Then we went to Nando's..

and I made him a felt love mix tape and embroidered love letter!

And this year we had a budget.. We went to town for breakfast and then sent our separate ways for half an hour each with £10 and treated each other to something sweet!

I bought him... A chocolate lolly.. Jelly hearts.. A love zombie and a card!

He bought me... The most beautiful flowers.. A lavender bubble bath bomb and a card!

sweet plan huh?

Oh ok ok I HAD to make him something! You know me... I can't resist!

I did him a doodle...

AND I made the very first Kittysquid in a bag!!

Well... Jacob LOVES squids and he LOVES ME. So what better than me in all my squidness!

But not forgetting some of my sweetest friends..

In particular Cuppy!! Who I love from the bottom of my little tiny heart and thought she needed a pick me up! When I think of the Valentines holiday I think of Cuppy because she loves it so and is just so sweet and luverly!

So I doodled her this..

As for all my other awesome friends... If I had the time I'd doodle you all!

But.... This is for YOU!!!!

Happy Valentines guys....

Have a cookie on me!!


Treehugger_31 said...

You are so cute and creative! :) I love all the festive photos! Happy V.Day!

Anonymous said...

all so cute!!! Hope u had a great Valentine's day!