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Monday, 17 January 2011

Week in review

Hey guys.. Well there goes ANOTHER week. So here's my weekly mosaic!

Hmm.. What did I get up to? Well.. I've been crafting and journalling mainly! Catching up with all the projects I've set myself!

Including my New Year New You class with Janel! Here are the catch up pages..

I am thankful for...

Growth.. Made me think of Russian dolls. So here they are Kittypinkstars Russian dolls!

ME! A self portrait page!

Hope! I have to believe there is always some!

My day! Well it was a Sunday so who can blame me for these simple pleasures huh?

Free page! So what you gonna do with it huh??

I'm gonna make a quilt out of fabric scraps!!

So much fun! I'm really in love with this journal.. I wanted it to be like a Kitty comic book and it's turning out just how I wanted!

Also I've been having some silly time with Carla Sonheim's Art of silliness class..

3.6 Be square..


1.Pick an object smaller than a car
2.Grab your camera or phone
3.Sit and look at your object for two solid moments in silence
4.Take a deep breath, then take 20 completely different photos in 5 minutes
5.Pick your favourite 5

Well... I picked Sunshine! And she was only too happy to offer a few poses!

3.8 Books and blind contours!

3.9 Join the dots to create....

The crazy dragon fish!!

3.10 Exquisite corpse... Kitty style! Inspired by my love of animal costumes.. More to come!!

And here's my little book..

3.11 Different pens....Clouds!!

3.12 Kitty's world! I incorporated all the elements.. Yep! They're all there.. You just have to look and see!!

I really love all this silliness! Keeps me happy!

I also went to the park with Mum..Dad and Noah! I love how it looks in the different season..

I love to see Noah having so much fun with his Grandad.. It really makes me smile! Reminds me of when I was little..

Haha.. So cute. This was when Grandad couldn't find him!

And then there's Ethel! No week would be complete without a few snaps of that tiny little timewaster..

SO happy new week from me and Ethel! Hope it's full of FUN!


Purple Mark said...

Love your journal, Kitty!

Bex said...

What a fantastic week. Nice to see your Dad looking good!