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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Fresh starts and plaigarism

Goodbye 2010

Well here we are pinch punch first of the month!!


And a lovely lazy day it was too.. I had a lovely lie in and lots of naps! I love holidays when there's nothing to do but make the most of having nothing to do..

However... I always find a little something to do.. And there's NOTHING I love more that doodling! So imagine my excitement when I discovered that today was the day to get my art of silliness worksheet!

Oooh practice sheets don't make me nervous...I love them! In fact when I'm doodling I feel completely relaxed and travel to a different place!

Then it was time for Janel's first journal prompt from her New Year New You class!

The prompt: Try to use one thing on this page that you wouldn't think of using in a journal.

I love to doodle..You know that by now right? So here's we saying WOOOO to the new year! I used tinsel for the firework effect! Welcome to 2011

I even had time to start my 365 doodle a day project in my new moleskin diary!

But then... Dramatic music! I was on Facebook when I spotted one of my photos that was being used as a tagging picture except I wasn't tagged and the person had stuck their name in the corner of MY photo!

Can you believe it?? Check it out!!....

HER name on MY photo!! The cheek! She even had a picture of my little Wilbur!! I mean taking a picture of someone else's pet!! He was already in a bad mood but when he saw that he was MAAAAD!!

My Facebook photos are set to friends only and therefore it became clear that a mutual friend had obviously stolen my pictures for her...7 to be exact! Anyway this inspired me to not only delete her but also cut my Facebook friends down by about 70% and to warn you guys to keep an eye on your so called friends! It's better to have 10 great friends than 1000 people you don't know properly or can't trust!

P.S...This is MY face.. Please don't try and pass it off as your own!!

WOW!! All this excitement and its only day 1! Helloooo 2011!!

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