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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Colour my world with wishes and doodles

Hey guys... Well update on the picture stealer..Facebook removed my pictures from her page! Hooray! Victory for me! WHOOPIE!!

Anyway here we are in a new week..Let's forget that wally! My bench Monday picture for flickr this week was my pinata unicorn on the bench! Yee he survived the new years celebrations. He was just too cute to break! He's moved in with ME!!

He's found a home on my top shelf..

Oh YES! I dusted!! Haha it's always tough to dust here but so so so pretty!

On Monday I went to the wish tree.. I love it here so much..So much hope on this tree! It's heading towards it second year and has taken a good beating but is still collecting peoples wishes on a regular basis!

In fact this was me in the summer at the tree..

And this is me and my tree now..

Aww... I really love it here.. It's so so beautiful! I love the way it glows in a bleak winter woodland.

I accept wishes from anyone so feel free to leave a message here or on the Kitty's wishing tree page on facebook So if you guys have any wishes for the new year, feel free to contact me with them.. I'd love to hear from you!!

Well I've also been doing more doodle days for Janel's New Year New You class..

Here are my next two prompts..

Day 2 Journal Prompt: What are your goals for this particular journal. Come up with 3-5 attainable and simple journaling goals.I always make lots..But I like to think BIG!

Journal Challenge: Try repeating a shape throughout your page to create harmony and balance.

I loved janel's triangle shapes and they made me think of bunting..So that's what I went for..Kitty's bunting!

Day 3 Journal Prompt: Document your 2011 goals/resolutions. I loved how Janel split the page into three pages by using a cut out section.. I made one cut out and used the words I WILL..Then used the three pages for the main things I want to achieve!

Oh and then... Day 4 of the year and i've managed to keep up with my doodle diary so far! Haha it won't be so easy when life goes back to normal tomorrow...

Anyway here's what I've been up to..

2nd January.. Sundays are for hanging out at home!

3rd January.. My first trip to the wish tree of the year!

4th January.. Today I watched Alice in wonderland!

Well..Enough colour for you yet? Come back I can always provide some sunshine!!


Elis said...

Your home is so lovely! I just adore the colour everywhere! :) And your drawings are so awesome and fun, they always make me smile! ^_^

I love that the wish tree is still going strong!! I can't tell you how happy it makes me feel just knowing that it exists, and I would so love to actually see it in person. I do have a wish to add, if you don't mind! My wish is that the wish tree will continue to grow and spread smiles, happiness, and hope to people everywhere. ^_^

Bex said...

Hey Kitty,

Great to see you blogging again. The world needs more colourful positive people like you.

I'm also amazed by the things you want to achieve in 2011, you seem to have so many of them already mastered, even if it doesn't feel that way to you.

keep on blogging - I'm looking forward to colour and happiness on a regular basis from you!!

Happy thoughts

miss fliffy angel said...

i love your blog !!!! and keep coming for more cute cute entries