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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

30 things..

Photo Kristine May

Make a list of 30 Simple/ Little pleasures in life that always perk you up. Just list whatever comes in your mind in no particular order.

1. Unicorns
2. Kitty cuddling
3. Pink
4. Sunsets
5. Doodling
6. Watching the waves
7. Nacho's
8. New tee's
9. Butterflies in my tummy when I meet up with that boy! I still get them :)
10. Rainbows
11. Collecting shells
12. Naps
13. Snow
14. Cute stationery
15. The change of seasons
16. The ones I love
17. The smell of Noah's hair
18. Rodents .. Especially my Ethel!
19. Hair bows
20. Pink glitter
21. The smell of lavender
22. Capybaras
23. My friends
24. Cupcake things
25. Crafting
26. Tea
27. Studio Ghibli movies
28. Taking photographs
29. Clouds
30. Fireworks

What makes you smile? I'd love to know... Focusing on the lovely things helps to banish the bad stuff to the back of your brain, so go on guys make your list!


miss fliffy angel said...

did mine :)

thanks for this inspiration !!


haniz said...

great idea.. this is mine