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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Photo challenge catch up!

Hey guys..Bear with me.. Just catching up on my photo challenges..

Day 7: A picture of your most treasured item.

WOW! Well there are so many.. I'm a real collector/hoarder and if I'm not including my family..pets or friends. Then I guess it would have to be my house!? Does that count? I mean home is where the heart is and there's usually nowhere else I'd rather be!

It's something I really need..My own space to have and be as I wish!

Day 8: A picture that makes you laugh.

Again.. I take LOTS of pictures and find so many funny but recently I took this one of Ethel..

If I picture tells a thousand stories then this one would have some funny ones! She looks like she's saying OUCH! And has bumped her head but i think this face was brought on by the flash!

Day 9: A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

Well that would have to be my brother.. He's 3 years younger than me but more serious and so much wiser! He's like a big brother..And he rocks!

Day 10: A picture of the person you do the most messed up things with.

Haha messed up!? Erm well that has gotta be MY Jacob! Who else would I wanna get messed up with huh?

I couldn't love anyone more...He's my soulmate! My heart has HIS name printed all over it!

Oh and this weeks photo for the 52 weeks project is this..

I know it's an odd one,, But we went to get potatoes for Dad's allotment and I saw this and wondered how it would look in a picture! I kinda like it!

Anyway catch up over... I'm outta here!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Week in review

WOW has it really been a week already!? Well here I am with my weekly catch up!

So let's start with Monday..
Bench Monday.. With Slugwell!

Then my daily journalling prompts from Janel's class..


I'm inspired by Japan..Kawaii..Fruits fashion..Cute food..BENTO'S! Yes I'm inspired by bento's!


Sometimes you just need to clear stuff out! I used nail varnish on this page because I need to clear that out. I have 4 bottles but NO NAILS!!

Dare to dream..

Dream BIG! Or what's the point huh?

Promises to myself..

Things I will do!


Scares me.. But I know it has to happen..Sometimes it might even be for the best.. Here's a peek at future Kitty!

Every photo has a story..

A favourite photo..Found online! And I feel like it sums up me and my life completely!

My thoughts are full of..

Lots of very very very silly stuff!

Favourite moments..

Always spent with the people I love!!

And a weeks work of complete silliness..

T U R T L E power!!!! Meet Cedric..

One liner rainbow birds AND eggs!!

SCRIBBLE! Scribbles always remind me of my Grandpa! He used to scribble on a page and then make faces in the bubbles!

So this is a homage to my Grandpa who always made me laugh with his silly scribble faces!!

And the haiku... When I was little I would sleepwalk into the front room where my Mum and Dad were sitting carrying my slippers..Put them down in front of them and looking at my bare toes say "Aren't feet funny things?" Strange but true!

Hold the camera out and spin like a top..Take lots of shots!

WOW all that spinning was CRAAAAAAZY! And as it was on a Thursday.. Gave me this ridiculous photo for Self Portrait Thursday!

Hahaha pretty or WHAT!!??? :P

The jelly bean argument!

Horace and Horatio BOTH sniffled up the last jelly bean! With said jelly bean stuck in snout limbo who will give in first!!

My moneys on Horace... Horatio looks like he means business!!

I was really pleased with this last sheet.. I wrote a story AND a poem!!

Every day lonely lamb girl heads to the art gallery to gaze lovingly at the painting of lamb boy...She adores him...When will he notice her?

Sometimes this world makes you baarmy
and sometimes we all feel sad.
But a fire in your heart can warm you
and show you there's love to be had.
So grab that magic feeling
and hold it very near.
Like lonely little lamb girl
who fights against her fear.
She has a dream she follows
and dreams with ALL her heart.
When she has her lamb boy
They'll NEVER be apart. ♥

I love lamb girl...She used to be me!

Also this week... It was my Dad's birthday.
I made him this card..

And we had CAKE!!

Dad had an awesome day.. He was a touch overwhelmed! But he deserved every bit of it!

I also made some Valentines plushies...

Purrl the love cat and love bug brooches.. All available in my Etsy shop

And apart from that I've been wandering around enjoying the last bit of Winter before Spring arrives..

I love the change of seasons.. So I'm kicking about in the leaves for a bit! I can't wait for Spring.

And I'm hanging out with my little man... We're a great team!

Make memories with the ones you love!!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

30 day photo challenge day 6

Ok so I swapped day 30 with today but I have a really good reason for this.. You see it was 1 year ago today that I had to say goodbye to Sneaky, my oldest friend! She was a precious tubby tabby with my most beautiful amber eyes and the most compassionate soul.. I blogged a story about her here

I can't believe it's a year since I said goodbye..We made so many memories, I think about you every day. I hope they're looking after you up there!

I miss you sweetheart.. Always remember ♥

Monday, 17 January 2011

Photo challenge days 4 and 5

Day 4: A picture of your night. Well I think this one pretty well sums up a lot of my nights.. Curled up in this little corner either journalling or crafting usually whilst watching a movie and drinking a big mug of tea!

And whilst we're talking photos..Here's my second photo entry for the 52 weeks 2011 Flickr group..

I took it at the park on Saturday.. Reflections are one of my favourite photo subjects. I'm going to take my 52 week photos always on a Saturday..Therefore i WILL BE collecting not only a photo but a memory!

If you want to join in the flickr fun..Head over to flickr and join the 52 week project 2011

Day 5: A picture of your favourite memory.

Well I have lots of favourites but one that is super cute springs to mind.. The day that my brother bought me Dollie! This photo is when we brought her home in the car... She was so small and fluffy and snoozed all the way home!

I'd love to see your 3o day photo challenges so please link up if you take part!!!

Week in review

Hey guys.. Well there goes ANOTHER week. So here's my weekly mosaic!

Hmm.. What did I get up to? Well.. I've been crafting and journalling mainly! Catching up with all the projects I've set myself!

Including my New Year New You class with Janel! Here are the catch up pages..

I am thankful for...

Growth.. Made me think of Russian dolls. So here they are Kittypinkstars Russian dolls!

ME! A self portrait page!

Hope! I have to believe there is always some!

My day! Well it was a Sunday so who can blame me for these simple pleasures huh?

Free page! So what you gonna do with it huh??

I'm gonna make a quilt out of fabric scraps!!

So much fun! I'm really in love with this journal.. I wanted it to be like a Kitty comic book and it's turning out just how I wanted!

Also I've been having some silly time with Carla Sonheim's Art of silliness class..

3.6 Be square..


1.Pick an object smaller than a car
2.Grab your camera or phone
3.Sit and look at your object for two solid moments in silence
4.Take a deep breath, then take 20 completely different photos in 5 minutes
5.Pick your favourite 5

Well... I picked Sunshine! And she was only too happy to offer a few poses!

3.8 Books and blind contours!

3.9 Join the dots to create....

The crazy dragon fish!!

3.10 Exquisite corpse... Kitty style! Inspired by my love of animal costumes.. More to come!!

And here's my little book..

3.11 Different pens....Clouds!!

3.12 Kitty's world! I incorporated all the elements.. Yep! They're all there.. You just have to look and see!!

I really love all this silliness! Keeps me happy!

I also went to the park with Mum..Dad and Noah! I love how it looks in the different season..

I love to see Noah having so much fun with his Grandad.. It really makes me smile! Reminds me of when I was little..

Haha.. So cute. This was when Grandad couldn't find him!

And then there's Ethel! No week would be complete without a few snaps of that tiny little timewaster..

SO happy new week from me and Ethel! Hope it's full of FUN!