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Friday, 15 October 2010

Sometime the best love is little

Hey guys.. Well sorry it's been a while but it was a rough old week...

My dear little Rosie fell asleep on 7th October and sadly didn't wake again. I loved that tiny little hamster with all my heart and found it really hard to deal with so I took a few days out.

She was such a special little lady! Jacob and I saw her in the adoption centre section of our local pet shop. She had been for sale but nobody wanted her so she was a little older than the others and needed a forever home! Her name was Rosie, she was a robrovski hamster and she was adorable..

I took this picture of her in the pet shop..

And we fell in love with her..We told her we'd bring her home with us...AND WE DID! We went back a week later and picked her up!

She was never super tame because of her nervous disposition and age but I had so much fun with her..Watching her chase the cats round the room in her tiny green ball..Chatting to her at tea time..Watching her nibbling on sweetcorn..She was adorable!

I found her in her usual bedtime spot curled up peacefully..It broke my heart but at least she drifted off into a dream. I hope it was a beautiful one because she was beautiful... I miss her... I only hope I made her as happy as she made me!

I not only missed her sweet little personality but I missed having a tiny little rodent buddy to look after..So I headed to the pet shop to see if I bonded with a new little furry friend..

And then I saw her...Ethel!

The biggest roundest fattest hamster in the shop!

So I brought her home and we're gonna be friends..

Pouch pals!


Sarah Dickson said...

im so sorry about your little hamster :(
i still miss my chubby hammie, they have such personalities <3


Elise-Lucie said...

I still miss Steve Irwin. he was awesome! He would always fall asleep in really weird positions - in his bowl of water, for example...He was the sweetest thing!