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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Lets get silly!!

Hey guys..Just a little catch up of an online class I did recently, hosted by Carla Sonheim ... The art of silliness!

It was a 30 day class in which you printed off a sheet a day and let your silly side go crazy! It was a chance for me to have some fun and also learn some new skills along the way!

So here you have my completed sheets...

WOW! What a silly 3o days huh!!?? Anyway I was so lost without this silly bit of fun in my day so I headed over to Carla's Etsy shop And bought the 30 PDF sheets from her first class! Buy yours here

So if you need a bit of silly in your life...Head over to Carla's shop and lets have some fun!!

1 comment:

Judith8Acht said...

YESSS!!! Wasn't it quite super creative? I would love to meet with you and the others for Silliness3....hopefully Carla will set it up soon! Luv'n'Stuff Judith