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Sunday, 3 October 2010

I heart Fall... Catch up!

Waah! Where does time go? Phew I was a week behind with my Fall journalling and this week it was all about FOOD!

So here are my missing pages.. I caught up late last night and early this morning..

Journal Prompt: What is your favorite meal type/appetizer recipe? Later this week we will be focusing on fall drinks and fall sweet treats so let's make this an appetizer recipe or a main dish recipe!

PUMPKINS!!!! They are awesome for so many reasons...But pumpkin and chilli soup is AMAAAZING!

Extra chilli for me please.. I like it HOT!!

Journal Prompt: What is your favorite Fall Sweet Treat Recipe?

I LOVE marshmallow cupcakes.. But I've always wanted to try the toasted topping..MAYBE THIS YEAR!!

Journal Prompt: What is your favorite fall drink??

Well when it gets chilly I just LOVE hot chocolate..There are so many different variations that I picked this one!

Journal Prompt: Come up with 4-6 simple, accomplishable goals for the month of October. Keep them specific and fun! xo

Ok so my list is a little bit bigger but I'm having a funny five minutes and need to work through it..So here are Things I really want this month...I have to make them happen!

Oh and here's my front cover...

Wellie loves Fall! She gets to hibernate!


cuppy said...

Guess who loves you?

ME !!!!


Amanda said...

i love your pages!! i haven't even began mine, i'm sooooooo behind!!

Jaantje said...

when i'm feeling down, i search for all your pictures and pages and then i'm happy again, thanks for it
I Love it
You don't know me.
I'm from the Netherlands, my englisch is not the best, but i'm trying.

Greetings Marja