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Sunday, 5 September 2010

The wrecking continues..

I am so so so enjoying this journal wrecking adventure with my buddy Cuppy! Here are my latest pages... And bearing in mind this isn't my first time I've put the older pictures in too....

A page for handprints..

The first time I made pretty flowers..

I missed this page in my second book but this time I did neon pink hand prints and finger print hearts..

My trademark colour! I love it!!

Write one word over and over..

The first time I wrote love! I mean it's all you really need huh?

Then I wrote applique! Just because I really love that word!

This time I wrote sweet! Because I love sweet treats..This page was inspired by my favourite dresses!

Colour outside of the lines..

The first time was a really basic colouring outside of the lines exercise!

Then I shook up the rules.. I mean what's outside??

This time I drew an ariel view of Kitty and Cuppy studying the giant hole that appeared in the middle of their skipping through a flowery field dream!

POUR spill drip spit fling your coffee here...

The first time I sprinkled coffee granules onto my mug doodle..

I didn't do this page in my second book but in my latest one I stuck in the tea bag from my late night cuppa and doodled the mug I drank it from!

Trace your hand...

The first time I just traced my right hand using my left and my left hand using my right..

The second time, Sunshine, one of my stripy creations lent a woolly paw...

But THIS time I drew round my hand and Jacobs.. Because true love is holding hands... He's green and I'm pink..We fit. PERFECTLY!!

Ask a friend to do something destructive to this page..

Well first time I gave it to Jacob (wow this was really ages ago when we were just adventure buddies!) and he damaged it on a geocaching adventure with the stamp then left it in the tree..

Then I gave the second page to my brother and he shredded it..

This time was amazing.. I gave it to Alice and she went for it!

WOW! This has been such a fun week of wrecking! I can't wait to find out what's next. Oh yes!..I remember tomorrow its poke holes and press leaves! Yay see you then!

1 comment:

Pamplemousse1983 said...

I love your journal wrecking!!! I need to start working on mine again :)