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Friday, 3 September 2010

Things that made me smile today

My day started well when I opened the curtains and it felt like Autumn, the sun was shining but it felt cooler. Then on the way to school with Noah a lady that I see every day but always thought appeared rather unapproachable, stopped me to say that she had to tell me that she always loves seeing me and that I brighten up her day because I always look so bright cheerful and pretty! How sweet was that huh? Just goes to show too that you can't judge a book by its cover! I was very pleasantly surprised by this lovely comment and how sweet the lady looked when she smiled. She was like a completely different person! Note....SMILE!! It's really good for you!!

Then on my wander home I noticed at my feet...An awesome Autumn coloured leaf! I was so excited by its colour that I was compelled to pick it up. The first leaf of Autumn I named it!! I'm going to put it in my journal for sure..YES! Autumn/Fall is on its way and I for one cannot wait!!!

Then I took these chance photos of the cats..How cute are these? I love how sweet they look.. Alice is the little kitten member of the family whilst Wellie is my oldest girl now. They are completely adorable in their own ways. I love my cats I could watch them for hours, they ALWAYS make me smile!

And then.. I got MAIL!! YAY! My prize badge from Janel's 30 day journal class. I was the fan favourite and was so shocked to win and over the moon to receive my badge! People voted for me..For my journalling! Thanks guys, this made me really happy I really appreciate all your votes. And thank you Janel for such an awesome class and for being my friend! YOU ROCK!! I love love love my badge!!

What a super day! Now I'm more than ready for....THE WEEEEEKEND!!! Woooo!!


Elise-Lucie said...

My fay has been terrible, but your pictures make me smile. I wish I had a pink life too!

Elise-Lucie said...

Ooops i meant my day :P