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Friday, 3 September 2010

Journal wrecking catch up..

Well one of my choices was the fill this page with circles page!

Now I've done this page twice before.. The first time I drew a picture out of tiny circles..

And the second time I filled the page with buttons from my collection..

This time I was wondering what to do, and then I thought about those spotty pictures that I used to get at the opticians when I was little. So with that in mind.. Here's my spotty page! Me and Cuppy in polka dot style..

Then to catch up with Cuppy I did the stand her page..I wore my special cupcake socks in honour of my journal wrecking buddy..

Then I drew around my feet.. And coloured in the cupcake sock pattern..

Now in effect I will forever be standing right here!!


Sarah Dickson said...

i am really enjoying seeing your journal posts :)

i love buttons!

Stephanie ;) said...

so fun! I'm so gonna search for a similar journal in the local bookstores. Not sure if they carry it though. :)

Rey C. said...

I love your blog!! :D very nice! :) Thanks for making me smile and remembering that life is sweet and filled with great people to share with. I LOVE YOU!

Rey C. said...

hey, by the way, I love drawing little fellas with dots as eyes too! :D Yeyyy! :) I'll be posting lots of my work soon. I like the way you have been posting. Can you give me some advice for my blog? :D It's in spanish though! except for the very first post. Thanks for giving me lots of inspiration. I tend to get down and thinking that my work is not worth it, but I guess I'm just not giving it the worth. You are amazing!