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Thursday, 23 September 2010

A girls best friend...

Is her cat!

Here's my little Dollie..

I took this photo 4 years ago when I brought her home.. She was the softest fluffiest tiniest little ball of fur EVER! I collected her just before Halloween..I remember talking to her about the pumpkins by the side of the road. She was so relaxed she dozed off in her basket!

She's my little Fall baby!

She follows me everywhere..She's such a Mummy's girl!

She's like a little dog... And I've had lots of cats but Dollie is the sweetest natured kindest loveliest little kitty in the world! She has never ever scratched in anger or naughtiness..Only by accident! What a cutie!!

Poor little thing though..She is a scaredy cat and had ALWAYS had a few health issues..Mainly with her snuffly little nose and runny eyes! She had to go to the vets the other day and they said that they had no option but to take her back teeth out! I was terrified and missed her so so much for the whole day. I left her there at 8.40 and collected her at 4.00..Woo I floated there to pick her up..I was so excited!

She is like a new cat! She's shrunk! They groomed her like crazy so she is tiny now!
She's eating like a little piggy and seems braver! She's happy..I'm happy!

We're happy to be back together again!!

Happy Self Portrait Thursday from me and my little girl!

Cat and mouse!!

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Bird said...


i cant get over her face. i love smushy faces... they are the best!