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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Dress up Sundays

Well that's what I would enforce if I ruled the world!

I mean lets face it.. So many people take themselves too seriously! I get so many strange looks from miseries as I walk about town. So I like to have a bit of fun.. I like to dress funny... I like bright colours.. PINK especially! And most of my hoodies have ears and a tail! Haha one even has 4 sleeves..Where's the problem in that?

Anyhow.. A few months back, to welcome the Spring season, I made a lamb playsuit.. Super fun to make and EVEN MORE fun to skip about in.. Once I was in it I was in cute cosy lamb heaven!

The weather wasn't great but never mind...It ALWAYS feels sunny when you're dressed as a lamb!!

So this weekend I decided to make something just a little bit special! Inspired by my love of mystical unicorns combined with the fact that my magic power filled unicorn hairband from emandsprout just arrived in the post yesterday...I made a unicorn playsuit!!

Next...A little something for Halloween I think...Dress up days.. I think they'd be great! Dress up as your favourite animal..Your favourite cake..Imagine everyone going about their daily life as normal but in dress up!

I wanna start the movement..Who's with me???


Courtney said...

I DIE for unicorns!

Man- You must be the most fun person ever to hang out with!

Bex said...

Love the unicorn play suit

I would so love to dress up for a meeting at work. Although, now I come to think of it, I did once chair a whole meeting wearing a witch's hat, and at another my squirrel glove puppet (Sammy) felt obliged to participate frequently!

Sarah Dickson said...

your outfits are so cute! my the gloomy bear one is my fave :D