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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

August and everything after

Goodbye August! We had a blast huh???

Well here it is... The last day of our Summer! We've had the most amazing time in our little bubble world for the past 6 weeks and tomorrow it all goes back to normal!

Here are some photos of our Summer holiday adventures..

Wow it was so so so much fun!! And now its time for my favourite season!! AUTUMN!

So much to look forward to.. Crunchy leaves underfoot..Crispy cold mornings.. Conkers..Hot chocolate..Toasted marshmallows..Halloween..Bonfire night..My favourite hat..Scarves..Animal paw mittens..Walks in the woods..

And Janel's new Fall class..

And my journal wrecking adventures with the amazing Cuppy!!

Not to mention The art of silliness class I signed up to here too! YES! It's gonna be awesome!!!

Never a dull moment! What's everyone else looking forward too???

1 comment:

Emma said...

Right now, cool air is blowing in the windows. Yay! And I think there might be a hint of woodsmoke in the air! Could someone have a fire burning or is this just an autumn fantasy?