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Friday, 17 September 2010

30 days of me day 30

My favourite song...

Well I have a few..Most of them are by Counting crows.

But I guess my favourite EVER song would have to be...

Old Devil Moon! I mean you can't beat a classic huh?

I watched the movie Finian's rainbow when I was a girl and absolutely adored it! Yes I get a lot of stick for this but I still love it now. This song stuck with me and it's the only thing I can ever see myself singing in a karaoke situation. Maybe if I could take my bath with me.. It sounds ok in the bath!

So...That is all for me! Wow was that really 30 days? Phew they flew by huh? It was fun for me..I hope you didn't find my daily ramblings completely boring! Now to find a new challenge!!!

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