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Friday, 10 September 2010

30 days of me day 22

Today it's all about being unique...What makes me different from everyone else??

Well when I said this out loud Jacob laughed and said "Your militant stance against normality!" Haha cool! This made me laugh!

Well I don't really know... All I do know is that to be the same as everyone anyone else, is not a good place for me to be!

I thrive on being unique...Make my own clothes..Live my own way! I collect funny looks as I walk up the road and am known in my town as the pink lady because I only ever wear pink! I have my own sense of style!

My home is completely pink too...This always causes hilarity when parcels are delivered!

I have a childlike positivity and wonder about the world! I live in my own little bubble and am happy that way! I mean I could be the same as everyone else..Somrtimes I think it would be easier!..But where's the fun and challenge in that huh??


Courtney said...

You are one of the cutest girls ever! I love all those photographs of you.

Sarah Dickson said...

i want your flat! so pink XD also i love your gloomy bear hoodie!