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Sunday, 5 September 2010

30 days of me day 17

Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why...

This is tricky! I mean I would love to be Miranda July!

Because she's just so awesome..Cute..Pretty..Witty and Clever! I love her so!

Her movie Me and you and everyone we know is one of my all time favourites!

But I also want to be Keri Smith!

Because she's an amazing and completely inspirational woman! She really makes me want to live each day to its fullest..And her books have changed my life!

I'd like to look like Audrey Tautou!

Or Bjork because I think they are both truly gorgeous...

Oh and I have to have Bjork's wardrobe because she has the ultimate in awesome style..She rocks!

But I am so blessed to have all the wonderful people I have...I love my family my friends and my furry family! I have the most wonderful boyfriend in the world (I wouldn't want to swap with one of these ladies and have them hang out with my Jacob now would I!)

I quite like being me...I never ever get bored..have lots of ideas and a great imagination... Maybe I'd just like to be me but have a few more hours in the day..

Being me is really ok.. I mean it's nearly always fun!

1 comment:

Stephanie ;) said...

I like you being you as well! You're such a joyous and talented lady, who's really beautiful in her own way. :)