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Thursday, 2 September 2010

30 days of me day 14

A photo of you and your family...

Hmmm..Well I don't have an enormous family but we still never really get our photo all taken together. But family means the world to me!

So I guess I'll show you in bits...

This is a very rare family snap taken by Noah on my Mum's Birthday!

Jacob..Dad..Mum..My brother Michael..and me! Haha I had no idea that Jacob and I were pulling the same ridiculous face!

Me and my Dad!! I love my Dad and I love this photo!

This is another funny random one of Michael Noah and me..

I love how Michael made me laugh in this one and then managed to look cool whilst I'm still giggling like a fool!

Me and my Mum...

This was taken the day before Mothers day a few years ago..I love it! Check out my Mum..Isn't she glam and gorgeous?

Oh and then there's my little tiny family...

Me...My Noah and Jacob!! Boy I love these guys...We're not your average family unit but it works wonderfully and I've never been happier..These girls rock my world!!

Oh and not forgetting my furry family...

Wilbur and Dollie! Wellie won't have her picture taken with me (or anyone) I'm working on it!!

Yes here's my little family


cuppy said...

Yay for furry families ♥ ♥

I absolutely LOVE that picture of you & your mom !!! SO SO SO CUTE !!!!

I love my Kitty xoxoxo

Elise-Lucie said...

You look so much like your mommy!!!

Danielleorama said...

Ya'll are gorgeous mmk<3