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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

30 days of me day 13

A letter to someone who has hurt you recently..

I do pretty well really. I try not to take too much to heart and I am surrounded by people who I trust and love and they love me! I meet a lot of people who don't get me and a few sneaky individuals who can be hurtful to me and my friends... But since this isn't high school, I do what my Mum has always done and press that delete button! Life's too short huh? I'm not dealing with bad seeds. DELETE! Remember this well..It's the only way forward, you avoid bitterness and petty arguments. You just forget! They should never have existed to you anyway!

But the letter... Well it would have to be from me, to the old me. Because nobody has hurt me like I've hurt myself sometimes...I put it down to circumstances but things have changed, I'm happy now, my life is full and I intend to keep it that way.

So here goes...

For every time you told me I was stupid and couldn't do it, You lied! For every bad thought you put in my head, every doubt, every sleepless night of worry you gave me...You were wrong. I am strong, I make my own choices... I have made some wrong ones and I probably still will do but everything I have done has made me the person I am today..And I like her! You aren't needed any more! I have a head full of hopes and a belly full of dreams and I'm shooting for the stars. I don't need your negative energy holding me down or your fear holding me back.. Your doubt sticks in my throat and makes me sick.. You are like a bad disease causing me harm you tell me I can't do these things but I can! You tell me they will laugh at me but it doesn't even matter. I will not take other people narrow minded hatred as my problem, I will carry on regardless on my own magical path. I AM brave! I can achieve what I want to, I am as good as anyone else and I deserve the best.. I have the best. I don't need you any more.

Kitty xxx


Sarah Dickson said...

hello, i just randomly came across your blog (very cute!) and saw your from poole, thats my home town although i live in london now.

Lost Star said...

I love this. It is wonderful

I haven't done this one as I am not sure how to, or who to. I may do one later on.

LivKit said...

Good one!

Chiyoko-chan said...

i like your blog very much. is it ok for you if i print some of your creative photos to hang it on my favourite wall? They make me soooo happy <3