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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Pandas for peace

"Having transcended its mountain home to become a citizen of the world, the panda is a symbolic creature that represents our efforts to protect the environment. Though dumpy and bearlike, it has been patterned with such creative flourish, such artistic perfection, that it almost seems to have evolved for this purpose. A round, rather flat face, large black eye patches, and a cuddly and clumsy appearance give the panda an innocent, childlike quality that evokes universal empathy, a desire to hug and protect. And it is rare. Survivors are somehow more poignant than casualties. Together, these and other traits have created a species in which legend and reality merge, a mythic creature in the act of life. . . . Their time as a species should not yet be over." George B. Schaller, The Last Panda.

So to celebrate my love of this wonderful..mythical..endangered..and very cute creature.. Here are some of my super favourite panda goodies..

Eeek! How super cute is this...I need a set! Go get yours from emandsprout

And while you're there..Go check out the other awesome panda goodies available..

For scrapbooking fans I love this...

I love pandas collage sheet from planfstudios

I love this shop too... Steppie She has awesome panda goodies..

This cute geek panda ring..

And this super sweet panda bums tote bag..

This tee is ace! I have one.. From the awesome Applenoggin

And these geek panda badges are so dreamy cute!

I am so so passionate about our furry friends that I have donated at WWF to adopt a panda!

I even got a certificate!

Lets all go and cuddle something fluffy today...

I'll leave you with some of my favourite panda inspired pictures..

So go on guys..Show a furry friend you care!!


cuppy said...

ZOMG !!!! SO MUCH AWESOME PANDA GOODNESS !!! I love that you love pandas as much as me <3


Lindsay said...

so many cute pandanessness!! hehe. I have those cute panda shoes (top right) the elsie print, the ring, the bag, the buttons off the collage sheet.. umm Im on the list for the frying pan still!!! wow i realize now how mbig my panda obsession is.... EEEEEEK! Needless to say I love this post.. a lot!!