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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Once I was cute!!

Mum sent over some old photos of me yesterday..... Haha seriously! How cute is this?
I was looking through for ages..I love old photographs..I love memories and I find looking through photographs is the perfect way to escape from it all and just relax into another lifetime!

What was even more perfect was that my 30 day journal prompt with Janel of run with scissors today was all about childhood dreams!

The prompt..What were your dreams when you were a child? What did you aspire to be? What did you hope for?

This was an easy one for me to just spill my heart into..

As I was growing up I wanted to be many things.. I wanted to be a fashion designer, a window dresser, anything creative..An artist!

I wanted to be different..I wanted to be cute.. I wanted to be funny and I wanted lots of animals..I wanted to be Frenchie from Grease.

I wanted to be pretty..I wanted to be brave..I wanted to never grow up..I wanted things to never change..
Things have..But I feel much the same..
I'm just older!

I think my energy..excitement and ability to see magic everywhere comes from the child inside that I hang onto..My glass is half full and I never want to stop having fun!


cuppy said...

You're the cutest ever !! xxoox

Bex said...

You still are cute, kitty! And inspirational. Glass half full is definitely the way to live!!