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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Meet my furry family!

The prompt...This page is going to be dedicated to the pet or pets that have you heart :) This could be a pet of the past, a pet your currently have in your family, or even a dream pet! Dedicate a page to a special animal :)

This is a really special one for me... I love pets..Without my furry family my life would have a huge gap. So here they are..

Wilbur.. My very first boy! Soft as anything a real cutie. BUT he loves it in the garden a bit too much and hates being groomed so has a rather scruffy Bob Marley look! He thinks he's a bit of a stud but sadly he's a puffball! I love my boy!!

Dollie.. My little baby! She does have a few problems, bless her. Her nostrils are so tiny that she breathes kinda funny and does a mean Darth Vader inpression. She's not very clever...But breaking news.. She's just learnt to climb the ladder to our camp bed! I'm totally gonna film this..It's so cute! She's adorable and the kindest little fur ball you'll ever meet!

Wellie.. She's a bit of a flirt with the guys..Hard as nails! Real moggie material! She's the leader of the pack and takes NO NONSENSE! Getting on a bit now and wants it her way or the high way! She's lovely really..Getting very chubby in her old age. Hard exterior..Inside she's as soft as her jelly belly!

Our little furry hamster pal Rosie.. Loves cucumber and her special wheel..She needed to be adopted from the pet shop and I was just too soft! She doesn't even care that all the cats watch her all the time..She loves the audience when she's on her special little wheel! Oh and when she's in her ball she always chases the super furry two!

And never forgetting my beautiful Sneaky.. She was a rescue cat and the first cat I had when I lived on my own..She had been treated very badly and was very scared with lots of social problems.. I had lots too. We helped each other and became best friends. I shared 12 wonderful years with her and completely understood her..What's even more special is that she completely understood me.. I miss that!

I had to say goodbye to my oldest sweetest friend on 19th January this year.. My heart is still broken..I miss her so much and think about her every day.. A life without pets would be an empty one..I'm just so so lucky she picked me to be her best friend.. I love you Sneaky now and always!

I've done lots of therapy type things to help me with my loss. I wrote a story about her in my English lesson to help me. You can read it here I guess I get creativity from the bad as well as the good. And It's helped me more than you'd ever know!

Oh and by the way...My Brother got a new kitten... Meet Alice! I love being an Auntie to this lil cutie...

She's mega feisty and gives all my guys a crazy hard time but I have a serious soft spot for her..She certainly has character! Although to look at her she oozes innocence! Don't be fooled!


Charlotte said...

I think that pets are really a valuable part of a happy life! I love my two little kitty cats so much, they bring so much love and laughter to our house! Thanks so much for sharing your little family! They are all just so sweet looking! I wish i was partaking in the journal project, I would totally love to dedicate a journal page to my furry little ones. :)

Thea said...

I have nominate you for a Stylish Blogger Award!! On my blog; you can read about it. (there is a button at the right to translate the dutch language). I like your blog and when I look at your doodles, they are so nice and good and cute, they make me laugh and give me good sense.
Greetings Thea

Felicia said...

Sweet, sweet creatures. I'm sorry for your loss. Both my dogs turned 14 this summer and I keep trying to prepare myself for when their time comes.

Kira said...

Wow! For a second I thought "How did that girl get my cat?" LOL. Alice looks just like my Terra! ( )