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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Kitty gets new dollies!

YES!! Finally I decided to sell my old Blythe dolls as I no longer felt any real attachment to them.. And I'd set my little pink fluffy heart on THESE GIRLS!

Eeek! Aren't they adorable?? I fell instantly in love with them... And decided they would fit in perfectly here at my little pink house! So after a bit of Ebay haggling and selling, they were mine! I had seen so many awesome photos of these girls on flickr that I nearly burst with excitement when they turned up at my door!

Yeee! Love love love... Self portrait Thursday was dedicated to my new girls and their impending haircut! After all I needed to make them mine!

I was really pleased with the results.... So.. Meet Mabel and Rose!

They dressed up for my Birthday party too...

Oooh I love them so much...We're gonna have so much fun!!

But that's not all... I got new Ddung dolls too..

My little collection is growing.. Alice and her white rabbit arrived!! My house is a dolls house!

1 comment:

eva said...

They looked so much better after their haircut!!