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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Just like his Mum

Well as the doodle schmoodle had finished there was a flat feeling in the little pink house. Noah had loved these doodle prompts so much and had just said to me "But Mum I have room for 10 more pictures in my folder!". I knew how he felt because I loved the prompts so much too. In fact as you know I do a lot of 30 day online challenges and I adore them. I always miss them when they finish because I just love the chance to draw and all being given the same start and seeing where our different ideas take us, I think is very exciting!!

And then I got a email from Betty's Place saying that she wanted to do one last bonus prompt..a little sneaky one! Would Noah like to design it for everyone? His idea..He was in charge!

Haha well of course he jumped at the chance..And he picked..


He said the topping could be as crazy as you like...just go wild...

I was inspired by my big love of sushi and bento boxes..I adore them!! So beautiful.. I want to make them for Jacob's lunch when he goes to work like a proper kawaii wifey! :)

So with this in mind...Here's my doodle.. Kitty's sushi pizza.. Bento style!!

And..Well this is AMAZING!......DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! Here's Noah's!

WOAH!! I'm speechless! This is just outstanding.. I love his creativity and crazy imagination! People say he's just like his Mum... And I couldn't feel prouder! He wants to make my sock creatures one day and take over the business..He rules! Well done Noah! You're a doodle master!! *High fives!!*

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